Susni Shak in Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Susni Shak or Shushni Saag is among the unheard green leafy vegetables that are available in the villages of Bengal.

This creepy dwarf-like plant is a fern which usually grows in the swamp and damp areas near the pond.

This plant profusely grows in the rainy season. The leafy blade is divided into four segments.

The marshy lands of West Bengal are full of this green leafy “Shaak” which has thousands of nutritional values of its own.

Uses of Susni Shak in Indian Cuisines

Susni Shak

Bengal and Bangalees have an urge to feed themselves with different types of green leafy vegetables which are available all round them.

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One of these easily available shaak in the villages of Bengal is Susni Shaak which grows on the banks of the pond and even in the paddy fields where the area is quite dampened.

Due to its taste and nutritional goodness this shaak gained much importance in Bengal cuisine. It actually changes your daily “thali”, adds the goodness of green and makes a satisfactory meal with rice.

There are only one or two recipes which are actually available for this shaak.

Susni Shak Bhaja:

Though it’s known as Bhaja or fry, it actually turns into a mishmash.

You just need a dried red chili, salt, sugar, mustard oil, 4 garlic cloves pieces and the finely cleaned and chopped Susni Shak.

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You heat the pan and then temper it with garlic and red chili. Add the Susni Shaak and cover the lid for 5 mins.

Then open the lid and add some salt and sugar and stir fry the Susni Shaak till the moisture is gone and it is perfectly done.

Serve it with steamed rice.

What is the Taste of Susni Shak?

Susni Shaak tastes like any other green leafy vegetable.

What is Susni Shak Called in Different Languages?

Susni Shak is a Bengali word and it is known as Dwarf Waterclover in English.


Susni Shak is a lesser-known green leafy vegetable found in the villages of Bengal, which has gained importance in Bengali cuisine due to its taste and nutritional goodness.

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It grows in swampy and damp areas near ponds and is usually consumed with rice.

Susni Shak can be prepared using only a few ingredients and its taste is similar to other green leafy vegetables.

In English, Susni Shak is known as Dwarf Waterclover.

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