Turnip in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Turnip is a cross breed of white and purple vegetable which is actually a cross breed between cabbage and radish. This vegetable tastes like potato and it also makes it wonderful and succulent from every point of time.

This is a winter vegetable and it is almost found all over the world. This is a humble hearty root vegetable which is actually having an earthy taste. This is a versatile vegetable which is definitely a good one.

Texture wise it is like a potato and it is one of the sizes of a tennis ball. This is easily cooked and it tastes awesome.

Turnip in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Turnip in Bengali & Indian Cooking

To be honest this vegetable is not so much used round the year but it is a winter vegetable. This vegetable is strongly Punjabi cuisine.

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In fact, there are not so many recipes that can be cooked with Turnip. It is actually cooked very easily and it takes very less time.

You can enjoy this vegetable with anything, if you can make it rich or light.

Panch Phoran Shalgam:

You can simply temper the turnip with Panch Foron and fry it with turmeric and salt. You can simply mix with some other vegetables and more.

This is typically an authentic dish which is famous in Oriya, Assamese, Bengali and Mithila. You can simply add bell peppers and cauliflower.

Shalgam ki Sabji:

This is a winter vegetable where potatoes and tomatoes are added to it. With just a light tempering with mustard seeds this is easily made.

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Spiced Turnip:

Turnip with a toast of spices and onion and garlic paste which is typically formulated to make masala gravy that is typically wonderful.

You can take the good things in a perfect way to make it wonderful gravy which is typically wonderful to taste.

Turnip Kebab:

Like Aloo and paneer kebabs, it is typically a kebab of mashed turnip mixed with garam masala, ginger and garlic paste and then made as a stuffing. Then make small chops and shallow fry it.

Questions & Answers:

How Long Does Turnip Take to Cook?

To cut the turnip you need at least 10 mins and to cook completely you need 35 mins.

How Does Turnip Taste?

The turnip tastes spicy when it is raw and then earthy, nutty and even sweet when cooked.

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Is Turnip Better Cooked or Raw?

Turnip tastes good when cooked, if you eat it raw then it is much spicy.

Can You Eat All Parts of a Turnip?

Yes, you can peel off the turnip and then can eat it whole.

What is Turnip Called in Different Languages?

It is known as Turnip in English, Shalgam in Bengali and Hindi.

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