Using Fennel Seed in Bengali & Indian Cooking Explained

Fennel seeds are considered as a licorice-like seasoning which is equally having benefits for booting and it is also flavorful at the same time.

There are many basic recipes where fennel seeds are being used like beef fillets, crust for fish, seasoning sausage, pickling vegetables and also used in one of the ingredients of “Paanch Foron”.

Actually, in Indian cuisines it is mainly used for strong aroma and adding flavors to the food. This is actually from a carrot family with a yellow stem and highly aromatic muted brownish-green.

These are harvested coming from the flowers and then dried to make it used for cooking. They are oval in shape and pale tan in color.

There are different types of sea foods and pork where this seed is being used.   Sometimes you can swap it with cumin, coriander, caraway etc.

Using Fennel Seed in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Fennel Seed in Bengali & Indian Cuisines

You can think of fennel seeds as one of the important seasonings which are used for giving a sweet and flavorful idea.

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You can get the best taste when grounded with pestles and mortar.  You can get the coffee ground machine to ground the fennel seeds.

It also gives you aroma. Sometimes you can use it after drying or tossing it in a pan. You can use a cool dry place where you can store it.

To be honest it is being used as a mouth freshener in the Indian cuisines you can see it is used in Thadai and other drinks.

Soya Kofta Curry:

Saunf or fennel seeds are being used to bring nice flavours in sabjis. Soya kofta is made with soya granules and smashed potatoes. This is a tasty curry with creamy gravy.


Dal or lentil soups with a seasoning of “panch foron” and turmeric can do wonders for the whole dish.

Stuffed Parwal, Paneer Hariyali, Paneer Kaliya are also having the fennel seeds seasoning.

All aromatic masalas have the fennel seeds within it. It simply has fennel seeds within it. In fact, the Punjabi garam masala Dabeli, Chaats and more are having it and it is also used in making biryani masala, dabeli powder, malvani masala, sandwich masala.

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Aachar or Pickles

Parathas and rotis must have an associate other than sabjis – that is pickle. This is true that in any kind of pickle like mango, chili, lemon and others it must have fennel seeds grounded and added to the masala.

Garam Masala

Other than the various seeds and leads used in making the garam masala , fennel seeds are also used in less quantity to give a sweet refreshing taste in the bold garam masala taste.

Tea & Thandai

This Fennel see is being used in the grounded form in the masala tea and also in many juices like thandai for refreshing flavour.

You can check out some of other recipes where fennel seeds are being used are Aachar Dip, Moong Dal Ki Kachori, Dahiwale Aloo Sabji, Kaanji Vadas, Punjabi Garam Masala, Hariwali Parwal Curry, Gatte Ki Kadi, Baby Corn Or Panner Salan, Gatte Ki Sabji, Masala Bharwa Karela, Cabbage And Dal Parathas, Thika Pudina, Aam Ka Achar, Punjabi Samosa, Marwari Kabuli Chana, Gavarfali Sabji,  Kanji Vada, Daal Paratha, Mustard Chili Pickle, Dahi Saufani Tikki, Methi Jowar Muthia Recipe, Pyaz Ki Sabji, Lahori Aloo, Ice Cream, Kashmiri, Carrot Rice, Nawabi Aloo, Soya Kofta Curry, Masala Peanut and etc.

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Questions & Answers:

When Should You Add Fennel Seed While Cooking?

You can put it on while you start the cooking and sometimes when you are done with everything then you can put some ground fennel powder or masala when fennel seeds are being used.

What is the Taste of Fennel Seed?

Fennel is having a refreshing taste of its own. You can call it sweet. There are other flavors associated with it.

Should You Cook with Fennel Seed?

Yes, not literally cooking but yes, we can use fennel seeds while cooking. It adds a flavour to the dishes.

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