Green Beans in Bengali & Indian Cooking Explained

Green Beans belong to the flowing plant family Fabaceae. This green vegetable is cooked and consumed throughout the world. Green beans are prepared and presented in different ways.

They are consumed boiled, fried and also in the form of curries. This green vegetable makes its way to a variety of traditional Indian cuisines. Green beans don’t take more than a few minutes to cook.

In this blog, I will cover some interesting green bean dishes in Bengal and other Indian cuisines as well as answer some common queries regarding this nutrition-packed vegetable.

Cooking Green Beans

Uses of Green Beans in Bengali & Indian Cuisine

Green beans are a versatile vegetable. It claims a place of pride in a variety of dishes from salads to soups, curries to sweets (baked recipes) and many more.

My mom used to cook green bean curry. This dish is very common in Bongs’ homes. It is superb, delicious and nutritious as well. This curry is prepared with potato cubes and green beans.

I use mustard powder, coriander powder, cumin powder and black pepper powder in the recipe. The dish is a little bit spicy.

I prefer to pair it with rotis or sometimes, parathas. You can prepare a light version of the recipe by cutting on the spice load.

Bongs also make a delectable vegetable soup with carrot, green beans, cauliflower and potatoes. A very few common spices are added.

Sometimes, curry powder is also used for flavour enhancement. However, it’s optional. This dish goes great with roti or paratha. You can also eat it with steamed rice.

Green bean is one of the main ingredients in Bengali style fried rice. This dish is a nice mix of vegetables including beans, cabbage leaves, cauliflower, carrots and a few dry fruits such as raisins and cashew nuts.

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Sometimes, mushrooms, prawns and chicken slices are also used in fried rice.

Green bean salad is a full-of-nutrition recipe that takes only 15 minutes to prepare. You can make magic with a handful of ingredients.

Green beans, garlic, egg, pepper, salt and olive oil whip up a great taste. This salad is a fulfilling and comforting meal for breakfast and dinner as well.

Three bean chaat is a healthy, tasty, comforting and filling bowl of vegetables.

Chana, green beans and kidney beans are tossed with tangy lemon juice and chaat masala. Usually served chilled, the dish is a perfect summer indulgent as a snack.

Green bean salad with eggs is full with necessary dietary fibres, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. It is also a protein-rich recipe that keeps you full for long hours.

Sometimes, a simple dish looks and tastes gorgeous. Sautéed green beans always remind me of the truth. Usually, most Indians are fond of spicy recipes.

But this simple recipe will bowl you out; that’s what I’m confident of. Boiled beans, bell peppers and pine nuts are tossed in a healthy blend of walnut oil and olive oil.

It is so light that you can take it anytime, in your breakfast, lunch or even snack time.

Khatti meethi phaliyan is a Gujrati special. The balanced sweet-tangy equation comes from a tasty blend of jaggery, tamarind and spicy coconut.

Undhiyu is another simple but sensational dish from Gujarat. This Gujarati beans curry explores the goodness of yam, potatoes and muthiya balls prepared with chickpea flour.

It is one of the signature dishes in Gujarat and a must try for both vegans and non-vegans.

Let us now make a culinary trip of South India in search of some great green bean recipes. Beans patoli vepudu is a traditional recipe in Andhra Pradesh.

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There are only a few greens that took little effort to cook and still look splendid on the platter. This dish, like several other green bean recipes, needs almost no time to get ready.

It is prepared with green beans, dal, onions, chilli, mustard seeds and curry leaves. It’s an absolute vegan delight that you can prepare for lunch or dinner. Pair it with dal and any meat-based curry for a princely relish.

Kudumulu is a traditional Andhra sweet/savoury dish. It is actually a steamed rice cake. You can use broad beans along with rice flour and a few tempered South Indian spices.

Beans thoran is a coconut-based dry curry. It is served hot with steamed rice and curry. In Kerala, people cook different types of thoran such as beetroot thoran, cabbage thoran and many others.

Green beans would be a good replacement for any vegetable to prepare a new variety of thoran. Furthermore, beans thoran will take less time to prepare.

South Indian style beans are a very simple recipe that takes hardly 20 minutes to cook. It uses only a handful of ingredients. This dish feels very light and healthy on the stomach.

It absorbs the goodness and sweetness of coconut and flavours of chillies and other spices. It is a perfect recipe to relish with chapatis for your weekday lunch.

Beans poriyal is a famous South Indian dish made with green beans, coconut, spices and curry leaves. In Tamil, ‘poriyal’ means ‘sautéed’ or ‘stir fried’.

Poriyal can be made with other vegetables such as carrot, cabbage and others. It is a nutritious and delicious meal that can be served as a great side dish in your daily meal.

Stir fried greens with coconut dip makes a lovely riot of greens and taste. Green bean, cucumber, spring onion, ginger and Chinese lettuce are sautéed in groundnut and coconut oil.

Lime juice, chilli sauce and fresh mint give a subtle finishing touch. A cool coconut dip is served as an accompaniment.

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Mixed bean salad is a healthy mid-meal choice and a good source of nutrition. It is a quick meal that takes only a few minutes to prepare.

It soaks in the goodness of the veggies and supplies you with the necessary nutrients and energy to keep going.

Is Green Bean Tasty?

Yes. Green beans, boiled, cooked or curried, taste good. You can have mixed bean salad, stir fried beans, Beans poriyal, Beans thoran, KudumuluUndhiyo, Khatti meethi phaliyan, green bean salad with eggs, three bean chat, green bean salad.

What Are the Best Recipes of Green Bean?

There is no universal concept of BEST. What is best for me may be worst for you. It’s kind of a personal choice and so no uniformity should be expected.

You can have mixed bean salad, stir fried beans, Beans poriyal, Beans thoran, KudumuluUndhiyo, Khatti meethi phaliyan, green bean salad with eggs, three bean chat, green bean salad.

How Do You Know When Green Bean is Cooked?

Properly cooked green beans have a soft texture. If beans are undercooked, they taste grassy and if overcooked, they look mushy.

So, it’s better to check them after a few minutes of cooking as they take only 15-20 minutes to get boiled.

What Goes Well with Green Bean?

Green bean salads need no side dishes. Most green bean dishes go well with chapatis. A few of them taste great with steamed rice.

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