Lau Shak in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Our food taste changes with time and it becomes easy and effective with time. Having a tendency to eat greens is considered to be a good idea for all of us.

Lau Shak or bottle gourd leaf and stems are used in various cooking especially the Bengalis cook it and prefer it more.

This is one of the unique ideas of the Bengali cuisine that the stems and the leaves of certain vegetables and fruits are always used.

These stems are tender and used in various cooking. This is the stem of Lau known as Lagenaria siceraria and Bottle Gourd in English. This comes from the tender vine family.

Lau Shak in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Lau Shak in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Lau Shak is used and cooked mostly in Bengal, Assam and Bangladeshi cuisine. This Shak is being used and prepared as both veg and non-vegetarian dishes.

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To be honest this is a Bengali plant and it offers emotions to the food lovers of Bengal. With wonderful vegan dishes Bengali cuisine is blessed.

There are so many easy preparations which can be made with Lau Shak.

Lau Shaker Chorchori:

This is a mishmash which is being prepared to make a wonderful assortment of various vegetables like brinjal, Lau shak, tomato, bori, etc.

This mishmash is prepared with a little bit of salt and turmeric to formulate a wonderful amalgamation of vegetables and more. If you want you can add some poppy seeds.

Posto Sorshe Lau Shak Bhape:

This is an incredible dish which is made with poppy seeds and mustard seeds paste along with Lau Shak. You can add the bori or lentil dumplings here in this recipe also.

For this you have to clean and cut the stems of the bottle gourd then add the stems and the poppy seeds and mustard seeds paste with salt and turmeric into it. With a slow flame the whole preparation is being cooked.

Bottle Gourd Leaf Stir Fry:

The bottle gourd stir fry is a unique recipe where the leaves and then stems are finely cut and cleaned. Then the stems and leaves are being boiled separately with salt and turmeric.

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Then onions are sliced and garlic are finely chopped and added to the hot oil. The boiled Lau Shak is added to it. Then cooked finely to form a wonderful mishmash.

Lau Shak Die Macher Morich Pora Jhol:

This is one of the non-veg recipes of Lau Shak where fresh rohu fish is being added to the runny curry of Lau Shak. For this you have to clean and cut the stems of the bottle gourd then add the stems.

Then temper the oil with nigella seeds and then add little salt and turmeric to form a runny curry where Lau sak and sliced potatoes are being added along with rohu fishes.

Lau Shak Chingri Chorchori:

The Lau Shak is being cut and cleaned to form a mishmash. The stems and leaves are being boiled separately with salt and turmeric.

Then it is added to oil tempered with nigella seeds along with small or medium pre fried prawns.

What is the Best Way to Cook Lau Shak?

I think the best way to cook Lau Shak is actually making Lau Shaker Chorchori.

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You just need to buy the most tender stems of Shak and then cut and clean it.

Cook it with seasonal vegetables and add lentil dumplings or bori to make it much more exotic.

Questions & Answers:

How Long Does Lau Shak Take to Cook?

At least 15 to 20 mins are needed to cook the Lau Shak properly.

How Does Lau Shak Taste?

Lau Shak tastes juicy and chewy and at the same time sweet.

How Do You Eat Lau Shak?

You can eat Lau Shak by boiling, cooking, and stir frying it.

Can You Eat the Stems of Lau Shak?

Yes, the tender stems Lau Shak are being widely used.

Can You Eat Lau Shak Raw?

No, we cannot eat the Lau Shak raw.

What is Lau Shak Called in Different Languages?

Lau Shak is known as stems of Bottle Gourd in English and Lauki ka saag in Hindi.

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