Using Mint Leaves in Bengali & Indian Cooking Explained

Mentha is actually the Pudina leaves or pata. This actually has its main usage as the mint leaves. You can check out these types of leaves in our kitchen.

There are so many examples of different types of leaves that we actually use for cooking, tampering and garnishing. This plant actually leaves all-round the year and it gives you almost green leaves all round the year.

This actually offers a cook, refreshing taste and beautiful tasty which actually offers a perfect minty taste. The mouth freshener and minty taste is actually making it one of the most used plants in the kitchen for its cool after taste.

This Pudina leaf actually offers you a great taste and it’s all over the market. One of the favorite things while you are buying groceries that are definitely containing this one.

It is highly digestive in nature and perfect in every aspect. If you add a little bit of lemon, salt, and sugar, with a pudina paste which is definitely perfect on hot summer days.

It simply hydrates and also helps in digestion which is simply giving you a better idea in dealing it as a healing herb.

The pickles otr dip that you are having from these leaves will be a delish associated with the sandwiches, kachori, samosa, dhokla, khaman and tikka dry.

Mint Leaves in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Mint Leaves in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Pudina leaves are simply mint leaves which add freshness, triggering taste and energizing the flavors with different recipes.

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You can check out there are more than a dozen of recipes that are available for you.

Mint Syrup:

It is a syrup with the cocktails and other syrups made up of the leaves with the cocktails and other drinks which are simply refreshing and hydrating at the same time.

It is even used in ice-cream with vanilla. The zesty drizzle of this syrup will make it versatile from every end.  You can simply store this in the freezer and store it for future use.

Golgapaa or Puchka Syrup:

We all know about Paani Puri or Golgappa or Phuchka and the dip that is made is simply made with either tamarind water with a mixture of salt and other spices or it is made with Pudina Pata syrup.

Both are tasty and at the same time easily digestible.

Minty Corn Soup:

Both corn and green peas are boiled with pepper and salt to make a beautiful soup which is definitely garnished with pudina to add a fresh minty flavour to make the taste much more unique and versatile to taste.

Vegetable Hariyali:

This is simply a mixture of potato, carrot, spinach, mint leaves, salt and other masalas to make a healthy and tasty curry.

This is something different and if you want to cut the general motion of having the recipes day after day then this one will be great.

Mint Burger and Chawali Beans:

When you have a burger packed with lettuce, chawali bean patty with pudina sauce inside it. This is an ultimate taste burst. It is considered to be the best one you will have tasted.

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Mint Paratha:

This is simply a paratha or flat made up of the mixer of wheat flour and pudina paratha making a dough and then baking it on a pan. It is then followed by toasting it on oil or ghee.

Hariyali Sprouts Beans Palau:

When the sprouts are brown rice mixed with pudina sauce to make it a beautiful, healthy and refreshing dish. The goodness of coriander, pudina and brown rice added to the sprouts will be giving a definite goodness to the body.

Green Paste:

This is definitely the easiest and the most common usage of the Pudina leaf that is used in kebabs, sandwiches and many other things. This paste can be used as a dip for many items.

Qabooli Biryani or Hyderabad Biriyani:

The Qabooli Biriyani or Hyderabad Biryani has pudina along with coriander to make it wonderful.

The same biriyani preparation whether it’s mutton or chicken, both gets dressed with the coriander and pudina so that the minty taste makes it easy to digest and also finds it refreshing.

Lemon Grass, Mint Tea, Jal Jeera, Nimbu Paani, Mint Chass, Pudina Lassi:

These are something which are considered to be something refreshing to drink which is actually giving you a freshness and the addition of pudina in it is actually making it wonderful.

Aloo Pudina:

Boiled aloo mixed or tossed with the pudina chutney is a delicious snack that you will definitely love.

What Foods Can You Put Mint Leaf on?

You can put Pudina Pata in different items. Starting from the variety of juices, Hyderabadi Biryani, Mint tea or lassi, making mint chutney and more.

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You can simply check on the various types of chutneys and sodas which are very refreshing and at the same time it is equally helping you digest it properly.

When Should You Add Pudina Leaves While Cooking?

Depending on the various types of recipes like Lemon Grass, Mint Tea, Jal Jeera, Nimbu Paani, Mint Chass, Pudina lassi, here you need to put it as flavour or paste to make it pudina flavour.

Qabooli Biryani or Hyderabad Biriyani, Hariyali Sabzi or any other dishes where the Pudina is being used while making it as whole or paste.

Questions & Answers:

Is Pudina Pata (Mint Leaves) Tasty?

Yes it is definitely tasty and equally refreshing. It can be used as a refreshing drink, dip and also in different foods which are certainly giving a refreshing feeling at the end of the food.

Should You Cook with Mint Leaves?

Yes, depending on the various requirements of each dish, Pudina Pata is being used for cooking. If you are cooking Qabooli Biriyani or Hyderabadi Biryani, Mint tea or lassi, making mint chutney. You need Pudina Pata as a principal ingredient.

What is the Taste of Pudina Leaves?

Pudina Pata tastes as a mint leaf, the minty and freshness of the leaves gives you a refreshing flavor in your mouth.

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