Explore Using Refined Flour (Maida) in Indian Cuisine

Refined flour has got many names such as, all-purpose flour, white flour etc. However, many people call it simply flour. It is known as maida in India.

Refined flour is made from wheat flour. However, white flour is refined and bleached.

It is mostly used for making traditional flatbreads such as, luchi, paratha etc, fast foods like egg rolls, pizza and a wider variety of sweets including cakes and cookies.

Uses of Refined Flour in Indian Cuisines

Using Refined Flour in Indian Cuisine

Refined flour or maida is used almost daily in Indian cuisine. It is mostly used to make many interesting varieties of Indian flatbreads such as, luchi, paratha etc.

Indians love trying different types of parathas such as naan, laccha and a variety of vegetable or non-vegetable stuffed paratha.

Maida is a common ingredient in all of them. Maida is a great bread maker.

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In fact, starting from any types of bread, cakes, biscuits and anything that needs wheat and it is to be backed then it is maida.

Though atta or non-refined flour is usually used for making rotis in India, some people love maida-made rotis.

I am one of those rare species who prefer maida to atta in roti. Refined flour is used to make rumali roti or rumali roti as well.

There are loads of snacks like nimki, samosa, radhaballavi, kochuri, paratha etc all made up of maida.

Even the famous kathi roll and Mughlai paratha are also made with maida.

Maida is a must to bake pies, cookies, cakes and other deserts. Whereas wheat flour is grainy, refined flour is white and powdery. It is also used to thicken soup.

And how can one forget steamed or fried momos, pizza, pasta and noodles?

Can you imagine these savory dishes without refined flour? Maida is used in making these items.

Maida is also used in sauces. For example, it is one of the raw materials of white sauce.

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How Does Refined Flour Taste?

Refined flour or maida has a very mild, slightly sweet, and bland taste.

It is not very flavorful on its own and is often used as a neutral base for recipes.

The taste of refined flour is much milder compared to the nutty, slightly sweet flavor of whole wheat flour or atta, which is made from the entire grain of wheat.

The lack of strong flavor in refined flour makes it a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide range of dishes, from sweet to savory.

Questions & Answers:

Which Flour is Called as Refined Flour?

Refined flour is procured from wheat flour but it is bleached and refined. This is why it gets a smooth, dry and powdery texture. When kneaded, maida gets an elastic texture that is not a feature of whole grain flour.

What is the Difference Between Flour and Refined Flour?

Wheat flour or atta is basic, milled flour. It is made from whole wheat grains. Wheat flour is a combo of endosperm, germ and bran of wheat grains. Refined flour is made from whole wheat grains or endosperm.

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What is Refined Flour Called in Different Languages?

White flour is called ‘maida’ in four Indian languages – Bengali, Hindi, Gujrati and Marathi. In Karnataka, it is called ‘maida hittu’. White flour is known as ‘maida maavu’ and ‘maida pindi’ in Tamil and Telugu respectively.


Refined flour or maida is a versatile ingredient used in various Indian and Bengali dishes, from flatbreads to sweets and savory snacks.

Its powdery texture and bland taste make it a popular choice for baking cakes and cookies.

While atta or whole wheat flour is preferred for rotis in India, some people enjoy maida-made rotis.

Overall, refined flour is an essential ingredient in Indian cuisines, adding taste and texture to a wide range of dishes.

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