Tangra Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Mystus tengara or Tangra is a fish which is loved by all Bengalis. In fact, this is also prepared in Orissa, Bangladesh, Nepal and North East India.

This fish can be a delight as fried, when made with spicy curry and even mixed with vegetables. This fish has an amazing taste.

It is wonderful and at the same time it is tasty and soft at the same time. At any time of the year this fish can give you a spark in your taste bud.

It will fill your heart with emotions. There are so many types of different recipes that are available for this fish.

Tangra Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Tangra Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Bengali cuisine is a cluster of different types of fishes and all kinds of perfect recipes with a variety of available fishes in the market.

You can check out that each of these recipes are different from each, starting from tempering till garnishing, all are having its magic and mystic ideas.

Tangra Macher Chorchori:

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A very usual, rustic and earthy curry which has the flavours of the Tangra fishes along with the vegetables.

The messiness and blend of magic masalas which are mostly available in all Indian cuisines will uplift your mood to its best.

When the gorgeous fried Tangra maach plays with the kalonji tempering along with the green chilis, tomatoes, flat beans, ridge gourd, radish, pumpkin, small eggplant and fiery chilis will blend in to a beautiful mushy mushy dry curry which is wonderful to watch and eat. Garnish it with fresh coriander.

Tangra Posto:

This recipe is the blissful marriage with mystic Tangra fish and humble Posto.

The spiking green chilies and Posto paste along with onion slices and Indian basic masalas make it a wonderful dry curry. Now when done you can simply serve it with hot steamed rice.

Tangra Macher Tel Jhal:

This is a spicy, tangy and highly delectable recipe of Tangra Mach with mustard oil, general masalas like cumin, coriander, turmeric and Kashmiri laal powder.

It is prepared to form wonderful fish curry. You can relish it in the winter afternoon.

Tangra Macher Jhol:

This recipe is almost similar to Tangra Macher Tel Jhal only the quantity of oil and spices is reduced, otherwise it is almost the same.

It is a runny curry which is wonderful and perfect to eat any time.

Tangra Maacher Chorchori Peyajkoli-Begun Diye:

This is one of the absolute comfort dishes. Bengalis love to eat their fish and vegetables together.

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When you cook macher jhol sabji diye especially with spring onions, egg plant, small bluntly cut potatoes it offers a perfect platter to all the Bengali fish eaters.

This is a unique and most common curry for Tangra fish.

Spicy Tangra Fish Curry/Tangra Macher Jhol:

When Tangra fish is fried perfectly, put a little bit of spluttering kalonji tempering in mustard oil with general masalas like cumin, coriander, turmeric and Kashmiri laal powder.

What is the Best Way to Cook Tangra Fish?

I guess one of the best ways to cook Tangra is to amalgamate with vegetables. One of the exemploratory dishes which can bring sunlight in your osculated day is Tangra Macher Chorchori.

When seasonal vegetables are cooked, easily available ingredients like cumin, coriander, turmeric and Kashmiri lal powder along with green chilis, tomatoes, flat beans, ridge gourd, radish, pumpkin, small eggplant and fiery chilis.

You need to cut the vegetables and keep them aside. Cut, clean and keep the fish separately. Then marinate it with turmeric, salt and red chili powder.

Fry the fish in the oil and keep it aside. Fry all the vegetables except tomatoes. Then in that oil, temper it with kalonji.

Add the tomatoes and masalas like cumin, coriander, turmeric and Kashmiri lal powder with a little bit of water. Make it mushy and then add some water to make the gravy.

When the gravy starts to boil add some salt and the fish. Cook until it becomes dry and then garnish it with fresh coriander. Serve it with steamed rice.

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How Can You Tell It is a Tangra Fish?

Tangra is a species from Mystus genera. You can check that it is having two needle-like thorns in the head region with two of mandibularis.

It is slippery and it pricks with two sharp bones on the head region.

How to Make Tangra Fish Taste Good?

You need to fry the Tangra Fish well and also make sure that you get some fresh fish.

While you are cooking you can add onions in your cooking which makes the taste wonderful.

Questions & Answers:

Is Tangra Fish Tasty?

Of course, tangra fish is definitely tasty when cooked with Posto, loads of masalas and also with vegetables.

How Long Does Tangra Fish Take to Cook?

You need to cook Tangra Fish for at least 20 to 25 mins.

How Do You Know When Tangra Fish is Cooked?

You can see that the skin color of the Tangra fish changes gradually and it becomes brownish.

How Does Tangra Fish Taste?

Tangra fish taste juicy and succulent. It also tastes wonderful after it is cooked with masalas.

What is Tangra Fish Called in English?

Tangra Fish is known as Mystus tengara.

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