Tilapia Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Tilapia is actually a poor water fish and can adapt to any adverse environment but at the same time it is not so good for the aquarium environment as it roots up the facility and attacks other pet fishes.

Americans prefer boneless filet of Tilapia where here in India we prefer fry, curry and gravy or Jhaal. This inexpensive fish is completely loved by almost all the Indian fish eaters.

It offers a nice dinner to all the North India and South Indian cuisines. Grilling, sautéing and baking can also be done with it.

Tilapia Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Tilapia Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Tilapia has some extensive uses of its own. As witnessed, Tilapia is mainly cooked as a Jhaal, fry, and curry in the Indian and Bengali cuisines.

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Shorshe bata and Tilapia fish is simply a wonderful combination. In the Bengali kitchen it is one of the most common things you can have.

Mustard paste enhances the taste of any dish you can find. This paste can be added to any gravy whether it is fish or meat or even normal curry.

It adds value to each dish as the taste of the nutty and pungent mustard makes a dish much classier.

You can make a thick paste of mustard by soaking the seeds and then using a grinder or you can buy the mustard powder.

You can fry the fish and serve it with salad. In fact, you can sauté the filets adding some mixed herbs, chili flakes and cheese to make it a wonderful dish.

What is the Best Way to Cook Tilapia Fish?

The best way to Cook Tilapia is with Shorshe Bata or Mustard paste. It will offer you a delectable taste. Let me share the “authentic Shorshe Tilapia”.

First you need to clean the fish and dissect the tummy side. Generally, if the size is like your palm, then you can use it as a single fish as a piece to cook but if it is larger than you can cut it into two halves.

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Now fry the fish in the hot oil after marinating with salt and turmeric.

Then make a thick gravy of mustard and other general spices by tampering the hot oil with kalonji and then adding the paste with turmeric, green chili paste, coriander powder.

Let the gravy get hot and mushy and the oil starts to separate from it. You can add the fish. After five mins add some water and then it boils and then turn the flame off and garnish it with coriander leaves and green chilis.

How Can You Tell It is a Tilapia Fish?

This tilapia is from a Cichlid family of fishes with an interrupted lateral line.

It has a similar body structure like the crappy or sunshine. It has heavy spines with long dorsal fins in the body.

Is Tilapia Fish Tasty?

Tilapia is definitely a tasty fish; it has a mild and sweet taste of its own.

Depending on the freshness of the fish the taste of the fish enhances.

In fact, the recipe also adds flavors to it and makes it much more edible.

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How To Make Tilapia Fish Taste Good?

You can make mustard paste and make a thick gravy and put the fried Tilapia into it and garnish it with coriander leaves.

You can also make filets and grilled Tilapia and have various types of continental dishes.

How Do You Know When Tilapia Fish is Cooked?

You can simply check out the flesh of the Tilapia fish which is mushy and easily gets separated.

You can use a fork and pierce it so nicely so that you can understand whether it is cooked or not.

Questions & Answers:

How Does Tilapia Fish Taste?

Tilapia tastes sweet and mushy as well as it takes the flavors of the spices by which it is cooked.

What is Tilapia Fish Called in English?

Tilapia fish having an orientation from Ancient Egypt is known as St. Peter's fish in English.

How Long Does Tilapia Fish Take to Cook?

Depending upon the recipe Tilapia fish needs 10 mins to 30 mins to properly cook the fish.

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