Using Amra in Bengali & Indian Cuisines Explained

Amra which sounds like a collective noun is a fruit considered as the most easily available condiment of Bengali thali.

Actually, raw mango chutney which only lasts in the summer season is the same as Kul. But in the case of Amra it is simply available almost all round the year.

So, you can say that this can be given in absence of any real mango chutney.

Amra in Bengali & Indian Cuisines

Uses of Amra in Bengali & Indian Cuisines

Hog Plum or Amra is simply a tropical fruit which is sour and sweet and is available widely. It is found in Bangladesh, India and West Bengal. This fruit looks akin to mangoes.

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It is also known as Wild Mango in the Indian continent. Real and wild mangoes are easily cooked to prepare the condiment which is typically good to taste and wonderful to have it.

In the Bengali cuisine there are some of the delicacies like Amrar Tok Jhal Achar, Amrar Curry, Amar Kasundi and Amrar Chatni.

The fresh amra has a sourness with a subtle undertone with a sweet and spicy balanced combination.

There is a sticky dark black chutney with panch foron with a lovely distinct flavor. Fresh ginger is being used with bhaja masala to make it a little bit spicy.

Amra Chutney

As you have read in my other recipes, chutney is something which is a runny sweet, sour and a little bit spicy. It is best served when it is cooled down, then you can feel the sourness of wild mangoes.

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Amara Pickle

The tart Amra (Ambarella or Hog Plum) fruit is mixed with different types of spices like salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder, fennel powder and mustard powder.

The wild mangoes are cooked sautéed and stir fried and then these spices are added. Then you can simply put this in a glass jar and put it aside for two three days in a sunny place.

Amra ki Sabji

When the wild mangoes are cooked with sliced onions and salt with a little bit of turmeric. It is cooked and at the end it is served with Roti and other flat breads.

Amra Makha

This delicious school time snack is “Biliti Amra” cut into pieces and then mixed with chat masala and tamarind sauce.

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Questions & Answers:

How Does Amra Taste?

Amra tastes sour and sometimes it is sweet and sour.

What Can Be Made from Amra?

You can have amra chutney, tok, makha and even pickles.

What is Amra Called in English?

Amra is known as Hog Plums in English.

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