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Get ready for a tasty journey with your homemade chaach masala powder or chaas masala powder!

It’s a mix of awesome spices that will make your buttermilk or chaach super flavorful.

Simple and delicious, this spice blend will become your kitchen superstar.

Let me show you how to make this fragrant mix that’ll turn your drinks and dishes into something special!

Chaach Masala Powder


  • Chaach masala powder is a mix of awesome spices that adds a delightful explosion of flavors to your buttermilk or chaach.
  • This simple and delicious spice blend will become a superstar in your kitchen, enhancing the taste of various drinks.
  • Follow the easy steps to dry roast and grind cumin, fennel, and other spices into a fine powder, creating your homemade chaach masala.
  • Master the art of making chaach masala by controlling heat, checking aroma, and ensuring a fine grind for optimal flavor.
  • Elevate a range of dishes, from grilled vegetables and marinated meats, with the unique taste of chaach masala powder.

Chaach Masala Powder Ingredients

How to Make Chaach Masala Powder? (Step by Step Guide with Images)

Step 1: Take a frying pan and heat it on a low flame. Now put 3 tbsp of cumin seeds, 3 tbsp of fennel seeds, ½ tsp cloves, ½ cup curry leaves, ½ tbsp black pepper, 3 medium-sized cinnamon sticks, and ½ tsp of carom seeds in it to dry roast them.

Putting 3 tbsp of cumin seeds, 3 tbsp of fennel seeds, ½ tsp cloves, ½ cup curry leaves, ½ tbsp black pepper, 3 medium-sized cinnamon sticks, and ½ tsp of carom seeds in a frying pan

Step 2: Stir the content until the curry leaves are dry and you can smell the aroma of the roasted spices.

Stirring the content until the curry leaves are dry

Step 3: As the color changes, transfer the dry roasted content quickly onto a plate so that the cooking process does not continue. Set it aside to cool off.

Transferring the roasted content onto a plate

Step 4: When the ingredients are cool enough, transfer them into your grinder.

Ingredients are cool enough, transferring them into your grinder

Step 5: Now add 1 tsp of mint leaves powder to it.

Adding 1 tsp of mint leaves powder to it

Step 6: Add 1 tsp of amchur powder.

Adding 1 tsp of amchur powder

Step 7: Add 2 tsp of black salt.

Adding 2 tsp of black salt

Step 8: Add 1 tsp table salt. You may add more or less according to your preference.

Adding 1 tsp table salt

Step 9: Add 1 tsp of coriander powder.

Adding 1 tsp of coriander powder

Step 10: Grind it nicely into a fine powder. Your chaach masala powder is ready.

Chaach masala powder is ready

Pro Tips for Making Chaach Masala Powder

Heat Control: Keep the flame low while roasting to avoid burning the spices. Low and slow is the way to go!

Aroma Check: Roast until you catch that amazing aroma—especially from the curry leaves. It’s a sign that your spices are getting just right.

Cooling Pause: Let the roasted mix cool before grinding. This pause ensures a perfect blend without overcooking.

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Minty Freshness: The mint leaves powder adds a refreshing twist. Don’t skip it for that extra burst of flavor!

Salt Sensibility: Adjust plain salt according to your taste. You’re the boss of your masala, so make it just the way you like.

Grinding Finesse: Grind patiently until it’s a fine powder. This step is key for a smooth and flavorful chaach masala.

Storing Tips for Chaach Masala Powder

Air-Tight Container: Store the chaach masala powder in an airtight container to maintain its freshness and preserve its flavors for a longer duration.

Cool, Dry Place: Keep the container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources to prevent moisture buildup and preserve the potency of the spices.

Avoid Humidity: Moisture can affect the quality of the masala powder. Ensure the container is tightly sealed to prevent exposure to humidity.

Labeling: Clearly label the container with the date of preparation to keep track of its freshness. Use within a reasonable time frame for optimal taste.

Avoid Direct Contact: Use a dry spoon or measuring spoon to scoop out the masala powder. Avoid using wet or damp utensils to prevent clumping and spoilage.

Use a Separate Spoon: To maintain freshness and prevent cross-contamination, use a separate spoon for scooping out the masala powder and avoid introducing moisture.

By following these storing tips, you can ensure your homemade chaach masala powder remains flavorful and ready to enhance your culinary creations whenever you use it.

How Does Chaach Masala Powder Taste?

Burst of Flavors: A delightful explosion on your taste buds.

Earthy Harmony: Cumin and fennel seeds bring warm, earthy notes.

Subtle Sweetness: Cloves and cinnamon add a hint of sweetness.

Peppery Kick: Black pepper delivers a bold and peppery flavor.

Citrusy Twist: Amchur powder contributes a zesty, citrusy touch.

Cooling Sensation: Mint leaves offer a refreshing and cool sensation.

Harmonious Balance: Black salt and regular salt ensure a perfect blend.

Refreshing Savory: A taste that is both refreshing and savory.

Chaach Masala Powder Ingredients

Chaach Masala Powder Alternatives

Chatpata Masala Powder: Try this mixture of mixture of cumin seeds, coriander seeds, red chili powder, and dried mango powder.

Jeera Masala Powder: This cumin seeds, black salt, and a pinch of red chili powder will add a simple yet flavorful twist.

Dhaniya Pudina Powder: Made from coriander seeds, dried mint leaves, and a dash of amchur powder, this can add a refreshing flavor.

You may also explore the following for a twist in the flavors of your chaach:

Minty Fusion Mix: Try a mixture of dried mint leaves, cumin seeds, black salt, and a touch of chaat masala.

Spicy Tangy Combo: Add red chili flakes, coriander powder, amchur powder, and a pinch of asafetida.

Kala Namak Mix: Add a mixture of black salt, roasted cumin seeds, and a touch of asafetida for a savory and tangy blend.

Garam Masala Fusion: Add grounded cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper for a warm and aromatic alternative.

Chaat Masala Delight: A mix of dried mango powder, black salt, and cumin seeds will also add a tangy kick.

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What Dishes Can Chaach Masala Powder be Used in?

Chaach: Elevate your traditional buttermilk with a generous sprinkle of chaach masala powder for an extra burst of flavor.

Refreshing Lassi: Transform your lassi into a flavorful delight by adding a pinch of chaach masala powder.

Chilled Yogurt Dip: Create a zesty yogurt dip by blending chaach masala powder into plain yogurt. Perfect for snacks and appetizers.

Vegetable Raita: Enhance the taste of your vegetable raita by incorporating chaach masala powder for an added kick.

Pani Puri Filling: Use chaach masala powder as a unique and flavorful filling for the iconic Indian street food, pani puri.

Chaat Varieties: Sprinkle chaach masala powder on various chaat dishes, such as aloo chaat or papri chaat, for an extra layer of taste.

Grilled Vegetables: Add a pinch of chaach masala powder to grilled vegetables for a smoky and spiced flavor.

Marination for Paneer or Chicken: Use chaach masala powder as part of the marination for paneer or chicken dishes, infusing them with a unique taste.

Homemade Snack Mix: Mix chaach masala powder with roasted nuts, seeds, and cereal for a homemade spiced snack mix.

Flavorful Dips and Sauces: Incorporate chaach masala powder into your homemade dips and sauces to give them an Indian-inspired twist.

Recipe Card

Chaach Masala Powder Featured Image

Chaach Masala Powder | Chaas Masala Powder

By Mita Mondal
A fragrant blend of roasted and ground spices, including cumin seeds, fennel seeds, black pepper, cinnamon, curry leaves, and other seasonings, creating a flavorful mix specifically used to enhance the taste of buttermilk (chaach or chaas) or various beverages.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Condiments
Cuisine Indian
Servings 12 tbsp
Calories 26 kcal


  • 3 tbsp Cumin seeds
  • 3 tbsp Fennel seeds
  • ½ tsp Cloves
  • ½ cup Curry leaves
  • ½ tbsp Black pepper
  • 3 pieces Cinnamon medium-sized sticks
  • ½ tsp Carom seeds
  • 1 tsp Mint leaves powder
  • 1 tsp Amchur powder
  • 2 tsp Black salt
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Coriander powder


  • Heat the Pan: Put a frying pan on low heat. Add 3 tbsp cumin seeds, 3 tbsp fennel seeds, ½ tsp cloves, ½ cup curry leaves, ½ tbsp black pepper, 3 medium-sized cinnamon sticks, and ½ tsp carom seeds. Dry roast these spices in the pan.
  • Stir and Smell: Keep stirring until the curry leaves dry up, and the amazing aroma of roasted spices fills the air.
  • Transfer and Cool: Once the color changes, swiftly move the roasted spices to a plate to stop cooking. Let it cool down.
  • Grinding Time: When the spices are cool, transfer them into a grinder.
  • Add Flavor: Add 1 tsp mint leaves powder, 1 tsp amchur powder, 2 tsp black salt, 1 tsp table salt (adjust to taste), and 1 tsp coriander powder.
  • Grind to Perfection: Grind the mixture until it turns into a fine powder. Your homemade chaach masala powder is ready to spice things up!
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Roasting Precautions: Ensure the pan is on low heat to prevent burning while dry roasting the spices. Over-roasting can lead to a bitter taste, so keep an eye on the color and aroma.
Aroma Check: The aroma indicates the readiness of the spices. The pleasant fragrance, especially from the curry leaves, is a sign that the roasting process is complete.
Cooling Process: Transfer the roasted spices promptly to a plate to cool and halt the cooking process. This step prevents the spices from getting burnt and helps retain their flavors.
Grinding Consistency: Grind the cooled spices into a fine powder for the best results. Patience during this step ensures a smooth-textured and flavorful masala.
Salt Sensitivity: Adjust the quantity of salt to suit your taste preferences. Start with the recommended amount and add more if desired, ensuring a balanced flavor profile.
Mint Leaves Addition: The mint leaves powder adds a refreshing element to the masala. Don't skip it as it contributes to the unique flavor profile of chaach masala powder.
Storage Tips: Store the prepared chaach masala powder in an airtight container away from moisture and heat. Label the container with the preparation date for tracking freshness.
Freshness Check: Over time, the aroma and potency of the masala may diminish. Perform periodic checks for freshness; if the aroma fades or flavors weaken, consider making a fresh batch.
Customization: Feel free to adjust the spice quantities or experiment with additional spices according to your taste preferences. Customizing the blend can create a unique flavor profile.
Usage Variations: Apart from buttermilk (chaach), explore using this versatile masala powder in various dishes, beverages, marinades, and snacks to add an exciting burst of flavors.

Nutrition Info (Estimation Only)

Nutrition Facts
Chaach Masala Powder | Chaas Masala Powder
Amount per Serving
Calories from Fat 9
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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Transform your kitchen spice collection with homemade chaach masala powder.

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It is simple, flavorful, and versatile. Elevate your dishes and drinks with this delightful spice blend.

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