Tuna Fish in Indian Cooking: Things to Explore

Tuna fish is also called Kera Fish or Choora Fish in India.  There are some fascinating facts about tuna fish. It is the most consumed fish around the globe.

This saltwater fish is large in size; still, it can swim fast. Tuna fish is usually canned for sale in supermarkets. If you have a can of tuna fish in your pantry, you can make fries, curries and even pickles.

Tuna is popular for its soft and moist flesh. It offers unique taste and flavour. The fish is deeper pink in colour. Tuna fish is used to prepare a variety of delicious dishes.

The fish is rich in vitamin D, protein and Omega-3 fatty acids and so highly nutritious. It is most popular in Kerala and mostly used for deep fries, curries and pickles.

You must buy the best quality tuna fish to prepare a perfect, finger-licking delicacy.

Uses of Tuna Fish in Indian Cuisines

Tuna Fish in Indian Cooking

Tuna fish tastes really good. Its nutrition profile is impressive. On top of that, it can be cooked in different ways. So, let us see what Indians prepare with their favourite tuna fish.

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Deep-fried tuna fishes served with mustard sauce or plain tomato sauce taste great, especially on a chilly or rainy evening. A cup of steaming tea or coffee adds to the snack delights.

Kerala-style choora fish fry is a little bit different. Tuna fish is properly marinated for a crispy texture. You can serve it with rice or rasam.

Spicy kera meen curry is a popular, spicy Kerala dish. Tuna fish is cooked in coconut milk flavoured by local spices. Tamarind is used for tangy flavour. The dish works best with a plateful of boiled rice.

Kerala fish curry is another dish prepared with tuna fish. It is traditionally served as a main course with boiled rice for lunch/dinner. This curry is easy to make and awesome to taste.

Tuna fish curry in tomato gravy is an easy and comforting recipe. A bowl of boiled rice and hot fish curry – the combo makes a great weekend special on your dinner table. The curry is spicy, flavorful, tangy, delicious and lip-smacking.

How Does Tuna Fish Taste?

Tuna fish has a firm and fleshy texture and offers a distinct, rich, and intense taste.

The flavor can vary depending on the type of tuna and how it’s prepared.

Light tuna tends to have a stronger flavor, while white tuna has a milder taste.

Overall, tuna is known for its unique taste and flavor, and many people enjoy it as a part of their regular diet.

How Can You Tell It is a Tuna Fish?

Tuna fish are typically large, streamlined, and have a torpedo-like shape that helps them swim efficiently through the water.

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They also have a distinct dorsal fin that runs from the middle of their body to the tail.

The coloration of tuna fish varies depending on the species, but they are generally dark blue or black on the upper part of their body and silver or white on their lower part.

Some species may also have yellow or reddish accents.

If you are looking at a whole tuna fish, you can also look for certain physical characteristics to help identify it, such as the size of the eye (tuna typically have large eyes), the shape of the tail (tuna have forked tails), and the number of finlets behind the second dorsal fin (most tuna have seven finlets).

If you are unsure about whether a fish is a tuna or not, it’s always a good idea to consult with a fish expert or a professional fishmonger to help you identify the species correctly.

Questions & Answers

Is Tuna Fish Tasty?

Of course, Tuna fish tastes good and if it is cooked in the right way then it will taste succulent, delectable and perfect to eat.

How To Make Tuna Fish Taste Good?

If you want to make Tuna fish taste good then make sure you add a little sweet sauce or mustard, hot sauce, hummus, sour cream, salad dressing and olive oil. You can punch it with nuts and even some salads and veggies, it will taste wonderful.

How Long Does Tuna Fish Take to Cook?

You can cook ¾ inches of Tuna fish for 6 to 9 minutes whereas ½-inch thickness you need 4 to 6 minutes to cook perfectly. Cook the fish uncovered and adjust the heat perfectly.

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How Do You Know When Tuna Fish is Cooked?

After cooking ¾ inches of Tuna fish for 6 to 9 minutes and ½-inch thickness you need 4 to 6 minutes. You can check with the fork at the centre and it begins to flake.

Is It OK for Tuna to Be Pink?

If you see a bright red or maroon colour Tuna then you can understand that it is gassed. It is natural to be maroon or dark red in colour. There is no reason that you need to worry about the colour of fish.

Is Tuna a Seafood or Meat?

Yes, Tuna is considered a seafood.

Can You Cook Canned Tuna in a Pan?

Yes, you can definitely cook Tuna in a pan, you just have to know about the timing as ¾ inches of Tuna fish needs 6 to 9 minutes to cook and ½-inch thickness needs 4 to 6 minutes to cook perfectly.


Tuna fish is a popular and nutritious saltwater fish that is consumed around the world.

Tuna fish is known for its soft and moist flesh, and it is used to prepare a variety of delicious dishes in Indian cuisine.

It is important to cook tuna fish just until it’s done to avoid dryness.

When it comes to identifying tuna fish, they are typically large, streamlined, and have a torpedo-like shape, along with a distinct dorsal fin and dark blue or black coloration on their upper part.

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