5 Quick & Easy Indian Prawn Recipes with Rice

Prawn from the lobster family is the easiest thing to cook. The aroma of prawns amalgamated with rice (any kind) offers a perfect taste.

The prawn with rice recipes in Indian style is simply indulging and full of flavors. Long grain rice is most used in all recipes with few regular veggies and ingredients.

You can cook it quickly and have it for dinner, lunch as well as a quick evening supper. You can use both frozen and fresh available prawns to do clean and hassle-free cooking.

Key Takeaways 

  • Prawn pulao is made with veggies and prawns amalgamated with some usual spices.
  • Prawn biryani is made in a dum or steaming style which gives you a taste of the prawns, onions, and more.
  • Prawn fried rice, Kolambi Bhaat & green pulao simply make wonderful and easy rice recipes.

The 5 Quick & Easy Indian Prawn Recipes with Rice

Quick & Easy Indian Prawn Recipes with Rice

Prawn in combination with anything be it rice or veggies or masala makes a wonderful dish.

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Apart from the cleaning and deveining part, any prawn and rice recipes are done within minutes and it is simply wonderful in flavor.

The juicy taste of the prawns and the mushy-ness of the rice equally make it perfect for any kind of recipe.

Let us dig in for some of the interesting recipes.

1. Prawn Pulao

Prawn Pulao

Pulao is a basic one-pot dish that is made with rice and veggies with a few spices and tempering.

It can be made with a pressure cooker and tawa also. When the aromatic prawns are added to it then it becomes a non veg prawn pulao.

Any size prawns can be used but preferably tiger prawns look good in a prawn pulao recipe.

One tip, make sure the rice is perfect for the pulao and the prawns are flawlessly deveined.

2. Prawn Biryani 

Prawn Biryani 

Prawn biryani can be made in various styles but here we are sharing the dum or steam style.

This is mainly a Hyderabadi concept. This is also popularly known as jheenga biryani where the crisp fried onion, with layers of prawn masala and the aromatic basmati rice, is cooked together.

It is very slowly cooked in a steaming style. You can simply serve it with raita or salan (salad).

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Indian-style prawn biryani is not only delicious but highly delectable.

3. Prawn Fried Rice

Prawn Fried Rice

The rice is perfectly cooked to make it fluffy or aldente. You can also use the pre-cooked leftover rice which will even be perfect.

Start by cutting the veggies and marinate the prawns.

The prawns are cooked sautéed and added to the rice while the rest of the veggies are added along with a few spices like pepper, salt, soy sauce, or tomato sauce.

The aroma of the onion, garlic, and even the fried rice is making it highly flavourful and perfect to taste.

4. Kolambi Bhaat (Prawn Rice)

Kolambi Bhaat (Prawn Rice)

Kolambi Bhaat is a Maharashtrian preparation which has rice and prawns added together to make it a wonderful recipe.

This preparation is a combination of ground spices like poppy seeds, black cardamom, and more along with prawns.

The aroma and flavors of both forms simply make it as wonderful as a meal.

The tiger prawns when mixed with grounded spices simply work perfectly as a lovely meal.

The aroma and the flavors all mixed to make it perfect. It can certainly give competition to biryani and other rice items.

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5. Green Prawn Pulao 

Green Prawn Pulao 

Green Pulao is made with rice, prawns, and coriander leaves. This taste is simply authentic and it is made within a pot.

You can simply use a rice cooker. The fried prawns, green masala (made with black pepper, ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, mint, and coriander paste), and rice.

All mixed and stir-fried in a way to make it wonderful and perfect as a full meal.

The aromatic prawns with green masala make it simply heavenly.


Prawns are considered one of the best food appetizers that you can bet on.

When this is mixed with rice, it simply offers a nice aromatic taste. The softness of rice and prawns blended to make it a wonderful recipe.

All these recipes are perfected with good-quality prawns and spices at the same time.

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