9 Best Bengali Style Prawn (Chingri) Recipes

Bengalis love to eat! Their fetish for non veg dishes made their cuisine world famous and prawn (though not fish) took the heart of Bengali fish lovers with taste, aroma, easy cooking, and freshly available lobster.

Chingri or prawns does not get that much limelight in front of other Bengali fish recipes but still, there are some of the best Bengali-style prawn (chingri) recipes that constitute the magic of Bengali cooking and variety in taste.

The 9 Best Bengali Style Prawn (Chingri) Recipes

Best Bengali Style Prawn (Chingri) Recipes

It is only possible in Bengali cuisine where taro amaranth is finely mixed with prawns to offer a highly delectable taste and so as with bottled gourd & prawns.

Today let us discuss some of these recipes from Bengali Kitchen which marked its popularity to be in our best list.

1. Chingri Macher Kalia

Chingri Macher Kalia

Chingri macher kalia is a spicy Bengali or Bangali style prawn dry curry. It is also known as Golda Chingri Bhuna or Kosha Chingri Macher Kalia.

Highly delectable and soft jumbo prawns known as Golda Chingri is dipped in a rich spicy gravy made caramelized and sweetly subtle onion and a hint of fresh green chilis.

All the regular Indian spices are being used here like turmeric, cumin, coriander, and Kashmiri red chili powder along with ginger garlic paste and the must-have Bengali garam masala at the end.

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This is one of the best Bengali-style chingri you have ever tasted. You can serve this with Kashmiri kaju kismis sweet Polau.

2. Chingri Kochu Shak (Prawns with Taro Amaranth)

Chingri Kochu Shak

Green leafy vegetables mixed with fish and prawns are one of the culinary aspects of all Bengalis.

One such delectable mishmash recipe is “Chingri Kochu Shak (Prawns with Taro Amaranth)”.

Medium-sized prawns are cooked with taro along with very few ingredients like green chilis, garlic, and turmeric.

The taste of kalonji tempering along with taro leaves is simply authentic and delicious.

This is a very simple Bengali lunch dish that one could have with steamed rice and dal anytime.

3. Lau Chingri (Bottle Gourd & Prawns)

Lau Chingri

One of the best chingri dishes of West Bengal and Bangladeshi cuisine is lau chingribottle gourd & prawns.

This is one of the simplest recipes made with minimal ingredients but the aroma of the prawns and the simplicity of the bottle gourd made it highly delectable in taste.

This recipe is made with ginger, tomato, and a little bit of jeera tempering.

In the scorching summer heat when anyone wishes to have prawns this dish fills up the taste and mood and thus is entered the best list of Bengali-style prawn recipes.

4. Potol Chingri (Pointed Gourd with Prawns)

Potol Chingri

This is another Bengali-style prawn recipe which is potol chingri or pointed gourd with prawns.

The combination may seem to be uncanny but the result is somewhat heavenly.

The amalgamation of the pointed gourd with prawn turns out to be a wonderful recipe.

This oblivion dish fails many national and international dishes.

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The aroma of the prawns is soaked into the spice-based gravy of lightly sautéed pointed gourd.

This simple dish is made with few ingredients, depending on your choice it can be spicy or light.

The overall taste made its place in this best list.

5. Echor Chingri (Jackfruit with Prawns)

Echor Chingri

This spicy mouth-watering Bengali recipe simply makes you fall in love with the cuisine.

The culinary aspects of this dish are mind-blowing and it is also known as Jackfruit Shrimp Curry or Echor Chingri.

The unripe jackfruit mixed with onion, tomatoes, and garam masala and cooked with prawns makes a highly delectable dish to taste.

The aroma of the juicy prawns and the slightly chewy taste of the jackfruit create a magical flavor.

6. Mocha Chingri (Plantain Flower & Prawns)

Mocha Chingri

One of the Bengali delicacies is “Mocha Chingri” which is made with prawns and banana flowers.

This is one of the festive dishes made with so much effort and tastes awesome.

Cleaning the blossom is the only part that needs effort.

Then chop it nicely and prepare an authentic Bengali dry prawn dish which is a perfect balance of flavors and cooking.

The final touch with the ghee and garam masala makes it a signature dish. Its sweet, aromatically prawn flavor and crunchy and dry dish make it place on this best list.

7. Phulkopi Aloo Diye Chingri (Prawns with Cauliflower & Potato)

Phulkopi Aloo Diye Chingri

The prawns are mixed with the simple flavors of cauliflower and regular spices.

Medium-sized prawns are used with light cauliflower and regular spices are mixed to make the entire dish give a great taste.

The flavors of potato and tomato make it unique and tasty.

The taste of Bengal is obtained when potatoes are added to the prawn recipe.

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Some do make the dish spicy but otherwise, it is kept normal and flavourful.

The taste of the prawns when mixed with cauliflower makes it authentic.

8. Bhapa Chingri (Steamed Prawns)

Bhapa Chingri

Steamed chingri or bhapa chingri is a preparation that is baked with a sauce of hot green chilies, mustard oil, coconut milk, poppy seeds, and spicy mustard paste.

This is simply made in an oven, microvan, or pot. The whole recipe is made where merely any cooking is involved.

This is one of the easiest prawn recipes that are made within 20 mins with no watch therapy.

The only requirement is the nice quality of prawns and steam.

When the dish is completed then a drizzle of mustard oil is added to make it delish.

9. Chingri Macher Bati Chorchori (One Pot Prawns)

Chingri Macher Bati Chorchori

One pot chingri or chingri macher bati chorchori is a unique recipe that is inspired by Bangladeshi cuisine.

It can be cooked in a small pressure cooker or even a pan with a little bit of water and simple regular spices with prawns and vegetables within it.

The cooking is done in one shot and the flavors remain intact within the pot.

This is the last but the least one that can be added to the prawn dishes list of Bengal.


Bengal cuisine has its culinary expertise which makes every dish authentic and unique.

Prawns constitute a very important part of Bengali non-veg cuisine.

These prawn dishes are very easy to make and the goodness of the vegetables equally makes the taste much more flavourful and mouth-watering at the same time.

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