Using Turmeric in Bengali & Indian Cooking Explained

Turmeric is lovingly called a wonder spice. It is also referred to as ‘Indian Saffron’. This spice belongs to the ginger family.

It has been used as a food colouring agent for thousands of years in Asia. Turmeric has great medicinal benefits and this is why it is used in Ayurveda, a traditional medicinal discipline in India.

Due to its medicinal property, turmeric is also known as a healer’s spice.

The use of this yellow colouring agent can be traced back to Vedic culture. Most Indian dishes are prepared with a pinch of this spice.

Using Turmeric in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Use of Turmeric in Bengali and Indian Cuisines

Turmeric is the most commonly used spice in Indian households.

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It adds both colour and health benefits to a dish. Curcumin, a colouring agent in turmeric, is responsible for the vibrant yellow colour and therefore, extensively used in food industries.

Turmeric is just like “sarbo ghate kathali kala”. It finds an extensive use in almost every kind of food preparation.

Indians use it in curries, both veg and non-veg dishes. In addition, this is also used in dairy products, beverages, ice cream, bakery items and delicious foodstuffs.

It is a must-use ingredient in refined milk, milk drinks, confectionaries and deserts to get the delicious banana and lemon colours.

When it comes to cooking, it is used in almost all types of curries, whether plain or spicy. Turmeric is a part and parcel of Indian cuisines.

There is hardly any dish that does not use a pinch of turmeric. A plain lentil dish with turmeric and green chillies gets a soothing yellow colour and tastes amazingly delicious.

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Khichdi is one of the most favourite dishes for many Indians, especially in the rainy season. Add a little bit of turmeric and see the colour of the dish.

Turmeric is also used for preparing snacks. It goes into making sausages, sauces, pickles and chutneys.

What Foods Taste Best with Turmeric?

Almost any kind of food, from snacks to sauces, curries to confectionaries, desserts to beverages uses turmeric.

Plain or rich, any type of food, tastes awesome with turmeric. A pinch of turmeric gives a tasty punch to any dish you prepare.

How Do You Use Turmeric in Cooking?

When cooking fish or meat, use turmeric powder to marinate and also in times of actual cooking.

Vegetable items are coated with turmeric powder and other spices before frying.

If you are preparing a batter for making snacks, use turmeric powder to the mix for colour.

How Do You Make Fried Chicken with Turmeric?

Chicken pieces are marinated with turmeric and other spices and rested for a while before they are deep fried in oil.

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These are served with sauce. In India, these make very good snacks that work well with hot coffee or tea.

Questions & Answers:

Why is Turmeric Used in Cooking?

Turmeric powder is used in cooking for both colour and health benefits.

Can You Use Turmeric on Chicken?

Definitely! In almost every chicken preparation in Indian cuisine, turmeric is used to marinate the meat chunks and also while cooking them.

Can Turmeric Be Added to Stew?

Yes, turmeric can be added to many types of stew.

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