Using Red Chilli Powder in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Red chilli powder is one of the most pungent and powerful spices used in Indian cuisines. It’s hot and the effect is perceptible on both tongue and stomach.

In fact, too much red chilli powder can literally leave you crying. This is why it is used in a small quantity to add both spiciness and colour to the recipes.

Red chilli powder is a blend of certain kinds of dried red chillies. These chillies are grounded for a fine powder.

In addition to dried red chillies, this powder also contains a variety of other spices including salt, cumin powder, paprika powder, garlic powder, oregano and many more.

Using Red Chilli Powder in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Red Chilli Powder in Bengali & Indian Cuisines

Red chilli powder is extensively used in Indian cuisines. This is because it can add both colour and spiciness. Who does not know that we feast our eyes on foods before gorging on them?

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Any preparation having rich red colour teases our eyes and our taste buds get impatient for the joyous dance of flavours.

There is hardly any spicy Indian dish that can be cooked without this gorgeous red spice. Red chilli powder is easily available in grocery stores.

Usually, red chillies are of two types – one is less spicy but has a rich dark colour and another one is hot and has a light dark colour.

Always make sure to buy superior quality as it makes a lot of differences in both colour and hotness of the dish.

Red chilli powder is one of the most flavourful and spicy agents that go into cooking any kind of spicy dish. It is also used for marinades, both veg and non-veg dishes.

Red chilli is highly incorporated into any tomato based sauce. The traditional Indian dishes use this spice for colour and flavour enhancement.

There are many salads and snacks that incorporate red chilli powder. For example, it is sprinkled over dahi vada, a famous South Indian dish and mostly served on the breakfast table or as a snack.

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Red chilli powder works like magic when used in any tasteless and colourless dish. Use it with caution as a very small amount can make your dish super spicy.

Is Red Chilli Powder Tasty?

Red chilli powder is hot (mild to heavy) to taste. Depending on the various flavours the taste actually varies.

It can be heavy or sometimes it is mild. You can definitely check out these things that are actually giving you the flavour as per taste.

Should You Cook with Red Chilli Powder?

If you want to make a dish colourful and spicy, you should definitely use this spice.

This will add a spicy taste to the entire dish to make it perfectly wonderful.

All you need here is the idea to make the whole dish good and perfect at the same time.

What Foods Can You Put Red Chilli Powder on?

It is used for marinades, to cook any kind of spicy dish (especially the authentic Indian cuisines), in salads, snacks and even in chat masala.

Mainly if you say that any types of curry and gravy Indian dishes must have red chili powder in it.

When Should You Add Red Chilli Powder While Cooking?

It is added along with other spices. The best way to add the spice blend is to mix them with a little water and then add to cooking so that the spices don’t get burnt.

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Mix the spice blend well with other ingredients and sauté for a few minutes.

Questions & Answers:

Does Red Chilli Powder Make Food Spicy?

It depends on the type of red chilli powder you are using. Deggi mirch brings numbing spiciness to any dish whereas Kashmir red chilli is more like a colour enhancer.

Can You Add Red Chilli Powder to Boiling Water?

Spices are usually mixed with normal water before adding them to cooking. Not with the boiling water.

Is Red Chilli Powder a Spice or Seasoning?

It works both as a spice and for seasoning. Depending on the dish it is being used.

Which Red Chilli Powder is Best for Cooking?

If you need little spiciness and rich colour, Kashmiri red chilli powder is your best bet. But if you need just the opposite, nothing could be a better option than Deggi mirch.

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