6 Bengali Style Bata Fish Recipes in India

Labeo Bata, aka Bata Fish, is one of the delectable Bengali fish that offers some tasty dishes that are mouth-watering and at the same time very easy to cook.

These recipes are simply relished by all fish-loving Bengalis throughout the year, depending on the availability of the fish.

The aroma of the Bata fish when cooked in mustard oil offers a highly appetizing taste that is wonderful from every possible angle.

Key Takeaways 

  • Bata fish is cooked authentically in mustard oil to obtain an appetizing flavor.
  • Bata fish jhal, potato, and other curries add flavor to your regular meals.
  • Shorshe or mustard paste has a strong aroma that makes the fish more flavorful.
  • The creamy taste of posto or poppy seed paste, along with the strong aromatic mustard, makes the fish cooked and served with a mouth-watering taste.

6 Bengali Style Bata Fish Recipes

Bengali Style Bata Fish Recipes

Today, we will be discussing some mouth-watering Bata fish recipes that are quite popular in Bengal and Bangladesh.

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We are writing about the best Bata fish recipes in India, which are highly mouth-watering for all the fish lovers out there. Let us check out the list one by one.

1. Bata Fish (Jhal) Spicy Curry 

Bata Fish (Jhal) Spicy Curry

To make Bata fish spicy or jhal in Bengal, you need green chilies (yes, of course, because it’s supposed to be spicy or jhal), tomatoes, nigella seeds, and authentic (knhati) mustard oil in the beginning.

Then, with a thick paste of onions, garlic, Kashmiri dry red chilies (non-spicy), turmeric, cumin seeds, and black mustard, the deep-fried Bata fish is cooked.

This will result in a thick reddish gravy with a little bit of mustard oil oozing out from every side of the dish, making it look spicy.

You can add raw green chilies, cut from the middle, along with freshly cut coriander leaves to make it flavorful.

2. Bata Fish with Potato (Alu) and Brinjal (Begun)

Bata Fish with Potato (Alu) and Brinjal (Begun)

Bata Fish with potatoes and brinjal is an easy and wonderful dish.

This recipe is made with usual spices to form a runny curry where fried fish and brinjal are dipped and cooked.

This brings out the taste of the fish and the brinjal, making it succulent.

The taste of turmeric, coriander, cumin, and red chili makes it a delicious option for any summer lunch.

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3. Bata Fish Spicy Curry with Potatoes

Bata Fish Spicy Curry with Potatoes

Potato, along with Bata fish, is a common dish that tastes great when served with steamed rice.

This is an easy and simple recipe made with onions, tomatoes, and potatoes blended with Dhone-Jeere (Coriander-Cumin) to add flavor to the dish.

Two things are essential in the preparation: 1) cooking the recipe with mustard oil and 2) garnishing it with fresh coriander.

The items like onions and potatoes need not be over-fried as it needs to be a runny curry or a soupy dish (light and watery).

4. Bata Fish with Mustard (Shorshe) Paste

Bata Fish with Mustard (Shorshe) Paste

Bata fish with mustard paste is one of the best dishes in Bengal. Any fish dish with mustard becomes a favorite.

The strong aroma of mustard paste, when added with green chilies and tomatoes, adds a beautiful texture to the entire dish.

Additionally, raw mustard oil can be added after cooking. It retains the aroma of the mustard and makes it highly delectable.

This is an easily done recipe with only a few ingredients to make it perfect.

5. Bata Fish Curry with (Urad Dal) Dumplings 

Bata Fish Curry with (Urad Dal) Dumplings 

Black gram (Urad Dal) dumplings are known as “bori” in Bengali. Any fish can be cooked with bori.

Bata fish and bori need to be fried first along with the potatoes. Then, a simple tomato gravy made with regular spices is prepared.

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Afterward, the fried bori, fish, and potatoes are added to the gravy and cooked for a little time.

Finally, garnish it with fresh coriander and serve it hot with steamed rice (gorom bhaat).

6. Bata Fish with Mustard (Shorshe) & Poppy Seed (Posto) Paste

Bata Fish with Mustard (Shorshe) & Poppy Seed (Posto) Paste

Poppy seeds, known as “posto” in Bengali, are considered one of the most expensive and exclusive food ingredients for cooking.

When added to mustard paste, it enhances the flavor and makes it wonderful.

You can simply cook Bata fish with aromatic ingredients like turmeric, coriander, cumin, and red chili.

The mustard (shorshe) and poppy seed (posto) paste is added to make the gravy.

The creaminess of posto and the strong aroma of mustard make it a flawless combination.


To be honest, you can call every Bata fish recipe the best one as the taste of this fish makes your food more enjoyable.

You can truly experience the real taste of the fish with any ingredient you use when you have it with steamed rice.

So, enjoy Bata fish recipes with different types of cooking methods to create extraordinary dishes.

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