Amudi Fish in Bengali Cooking: Things to Know

Coilia Dussumieri, Pointed Tell Anchovy, Amadi and Amudini – can you tell the difference between them? Well, they are the different names of amudi fish also known as amadi.

It is a type of small marine fishes that are abundant in the Bay of Bengal. This fish is very popular in both West Bengal and Bangladesh. This fish is not eaten across India.

Uses of Amudi Fish in Bengali Cuisines

Amudi Fish in Bengali Cooking

I have already stated that Amudi fish is popular in Bengalis’ kitchens. Bengalis’ love for fishes is well known and documented; there is nothing secret about it.

Both East Bengal and West Bengal have a wider network of rivers. It explains why Bengal does not go short on fish supply.

A variety of fishes is available here and there too. Bengalis have a strong fetish for fresh fishes. However, these days, they are using frozen fishes as well.

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Coming back to Amudi Mach, I can tell you it’s popular both in urban and rural areas. The fish tastes sweet.

It is slotted under the category of chuno mach or small fish. For Bengalis, mach bhaja always goes well with steamed rice and lentils. Crispy amudi mach fries taste truly awesome.

There is another all Bong favourite recipe with Amodi mach and it’s called amudi macher jhal. Actually jhal is a kind of dry curry recipe.

It is usually prepared with sliced onions and green chillies. The dish is spicy and I don’t need to reiterate how much Bengalis are fond of spice-loaded recipes.

Amudi macher chorchori is almost the same as curry. However, you can add sliced potatoes and onion kali. Variation is always possible. Just make sure that you are following the basic rules and the rest will go fine.

Amudi macher tak is a lesser-known yet another amazing Bong signature. It’s almost like what they do with other chuno mach,

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The dish is a perfect palate cleanser after a hefty meal. Some Bongs use sarshe phoron (mustard seeds added to smoking oil) and others use mustard paste to the dish.

Whatever you do, it will give your taste buds a unique flavour and pleasure.

Is Amudi Fish Tasty?

Yes, amudi fish is very tasty. Whether you are having them fried or eating amudi macher chorchori, you will fall in love with it.

Amudi macher tak is another delectable dish that you will look forward to gulping down after a heavy and spicy meal.

How to Make Amudi Fish Taste Good?

Marinate amudi fish with a little bit of salt and turmeric powder.

Fry well if you are making tak or want to serve fried fish.

For curry or chorchori, it will be enough to fry the fishes light brown.

Questions & Answers:


Amudi fish, also known as amadi, is a small marine fish that is popular in Bengali cuisine, especially in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

It is a sweet-tasting fish that is usually fried or used in curries and other spicy dishes.

Amudi fish is best marinated with salt and turmeric powder and takes only 15-20 minutes to cook.

The fish is consumed whole, along with its head and bones.

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