Mourola Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking Explained

Mourola mach is called Mola Carplet Fish in English. This is one of the fish which can add up to all Bengalis comforting dishes. They are small in size.

This fish is abundant in India and Bangladesh. A small variety of delicacies is cooked with them in both West Bengal and Bangladesh. Mourola fish is extremely tasty and healthy as well.

Fish curries of Bengal are known for their simplicity and uniqueness. As West Bengal & Bangladesh is surrounded with rivers which are producing these great fleets.

Mourola Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Mourola Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

In India, Mourola fish is very popular, especially in West Bengal and Orissa. In Bengal, both jhal and jhol are prepared but in the neighbouring state, it is always spicy dishes that are admired and relished.

As they are very small, deboning is not possible. Furthermore, the bones are fragile and so, you won’t have a problem consuming the whole fish.

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Fried mourola fish is the easiest and commonest preparation. Mourola fishes are properly cleansed and marinated with salt and turmeric powder. Coriander powder is an optional use.

Make sure to use a very little amount of it if you want to use coriander powder. Keep them aside for 10 minutes before deep frying in mustard oil.

The crispy, crunchy bites of fried mourola fish go well with steamed rice and masoor dal (pink lentils).

Mourola macher jhol is a lesser known preparation in Bengal.

However, it is very comforting and tasty, especially during the summer season. Marinated mourola fishes are fried (though not deep fried) and added to the light, soupy gravy prepared with a handful of familiar spices.

No garam masala is used but kalo jeera (black cumin) is added for mild flavour. Potatoes are used in the recipe but if it is winter time, you can add egg plants.

Mourola macher chorchori is an authentic Bengali recipe that has been carrying the sincere and signature cooking style of the Bongs for generations.

This dish is extremely popular both in Bengal and Orissa and even a savoury spread for people in Bangladesh. It is a very balanced curry that marries the tastes of vegetables with that of the small fishes.

Fried mourola fishes are cooked with potatoes, eggplants and onion and a few spices. This exemplary delicacy is traditionally relished with plain steamed rice.

Mourola macher jhal is a spicy Bengali recipe. Fried mourola fish are simmered in spicy onion-tomato gravy.

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Only a few spices are used but that are enough to bring out the magic even for the most jaded taste buds. Onions are added for a sweet taste and flavour whereas garam masala flares up the spicy magic.

Mourola macher tak is a sweet-sour dish. The sourness is borrowed from either tamarind or mango pulp. Dry chillies and mustard seeds are added to smoking oil.

Once the mustard seeds start splattering, everything is added to the preparation for spiciness and extra flavour. Don’t forget to add some sugar or jaggery to counterbalance sourness.

Mourola macher peyaji is an innovative snack straight out of Bongs’ hensel (kitchen). In Bengal, peyaj means onion.

Onion slices dunked in spice-loaded besan (gram flour) batter and deep fried in mustard oil are called peyaji. Mourola macher peyaji resembles the same style of preparation.

The only difference: mourola mach. Try it at your home and see how tasty it turns out.

What is the Best Way to Cook Mourola Fish?

There is no universally accepted BEST way to cook mourola fish. I personally like mourola mach bhaja and mourola macher jhal.

Those, who prefer light, soupy curry, will love the taste of mourola macher jhol or bati chorchori, which are similar in preparations.

Mourola Fish with the amalgamation of veggies especially the “peyajkoli” makes it wonderful.

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How Do You Know When Mourola Fish is Cooked?

Mourala fish is so small that you don’t need to use a fork for testing.

Any fish, when perfectly done, changes its colour from a transparent look to an opaque appearance.

It is the best way to tell if the fish is perfectly cooked or needs more time to get done.

Questions & Answers:

How Can You Tell It is a Mourola Fish?

Mourola fish are small in size. They have tiny scales on their body.

Is Mourola Fish Tasty?

Mourala fish has a distinct and delicious taste. On top of that, the fish is loaded with nutritional benefits and so, good for our health.

How to Make Mourola Fish Taste Good?

Don’t skip the ‘marinade’ part in Mourala fish. It is extremely important to infuse the flavours of spices into the fishes. If you are making spicy curry, slow cooking adds to the taste.

How Long Does Mourola Fish Take to Cook?

It takes 10-15 minutes to cook Mourola fish. For frying, it won’t take more than a few couples of minutes.

How Does Mourola Fish Taste?

Mourola fish tastes mildly sweet.

What is Mourola Fish Called in English?

Mola Carplet Fish is the English name of Mourola fish.

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