Mrigal Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Mrigal comes from the carp family and it is widely aqua farmed. Indian cuisines are having different types of recipes of this fish like the rohu.

There are few fishes which are wonderful to taste, mainly fresh waters. These are healthy and tasty and very easy to cook.

Rohu, Catla and Mrigal are such three fishes which are actually loved by the Easten side of people Bengal, Assam, Orissa.

Mrigal Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Mrigal Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Mrigal is available all round the year. This is one of the freshwater fish that is a lunch time favorite for all the Bengalis.

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When it is fried it is actually shrunk in size and it tastes juicy. This is healthy and very reasonable in price. You can have it any time.

Mrigal Macher Jhal:

This recipe can be cooked with or without onion, ginger and garlic. After frying the fish, a mouth-watering gravy is being prepared with tomatoes, sliced onions and ginger and garlic paste.

Then spices like turmeric, red chili paste, cumin and coriander are being used to make the gravy ultimate. This can be served with steamed rice and a sliced lemon.

What is the Best Way to Cook Mrigal Fish?

I think it is best that we can cook the spicy gravy of White Carp that is Mirgel Maacher Jhal.

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You can add small sliced potatoes and prepare a light or thick gravy of tomatoes, sliced onions and ginger and garlic paste added with turmeric, red chili paste, cumin and coriander.

It offers you a perfect gravy and it actually offers a strong aroma of all the spices.

Questions & Answers:

How Can You Tell It is a Mrigal Fish?

Mrigal Fish fish looks like Rohu fish you can check out the ray finned. It is a poly culture of Rohu and Catla.

Is Mrigal Fish Tasty?

Of course, Mrigal Fish is tasty and when cooked properly it becomes delicious.

How to Make Mrigal Fish Taste Good?

It is better that you buy a Mrigal a little bit bigger in size. You can prepare a spicy gravy or a plain stew with green chili and turmeric. At the end garish with green coriander leaves.

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How Long Does Mrigal Fish Take to Cook?

Mrigal Fish needs only 30 to 40 mins depending on the recipe but for a general fish recipe this much time is perfect.

How Do You Know When Mrigal Fish is Cooked?

You can check that the flesh and skin get separated from the Mrigal fish.

How Does Mrigal Fish Taste?

Mrigal fish taste soft and succulent. You can say it is juicy and wonderful to taste.

What is Mrigal Fish Called in English?

Mrigal Fish is known as White Carp in English.

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