Puti Fish (Pool Barb) in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Puti mach or Puti Fish (Pool Barb) which is known as Puntius sophore scientifically is a love of bong. It is actually from “Puntious” genus, available in the Asian inland waters. These are very small, silver color fish found in China, Bhutan, India, Bangladesh and other Asian countries.

Bengalis love fish and it becomes a major part of their palate. Unlike other parts of India, Bengalis love fish as their special mouth-watering dish.

Puti fish is one such very small fish or “choto maach” which can add flavors to the menu when cooked in Bengali style.

Puti Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Puti Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Bengali cuisines have a lust for any fish that are available in eastern side of Bay of Bengal and inland waters. Both Bengal and Bangladesh are having the same fascination over fishes.

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Like Rui, Mirigel, Katla which are considered as the big fishes of the water, Puti, Japani Puti, Shor Puti are small fishes which are wonderful to taste.

Puti Macher Tok:

This is a unique preparation made during the summer to beat the heat. You can check that a variety of fishes are being used to make it but the most important is the Puti. It is great when served with hot steam rice.

Tok means a tangy and this tangy stew is an easy dish prepared with deep fried Puti along with a light tamarind gravy to beat the scorching heat of summer.

Puti macher jhal:

It is one of the comforting small fish dishes. Puti Macher Jhal is a simple recipe of tomatoes, chilis and the thick paste of masalas. This recipe is being enjoyed by the people of Bengal, Orissa and Bangladesh.

This is one of the most popular fish curries. Starting from the birth ceremonies till the last rites ceremonies, this is a comforting preparation. This spicy aka hot preparation can be served with steamed rice.

Puti Macher Shorsher Jhaal:

An authentic Bengali cuisine feels the thirst of mustard in their food. Adding a mustard paste in preparations can be wonderful.

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When the mustard paste in higher quantity with tomatoes and chilis are combined to make a nice preparation, it is definitely Shorsher Jhaal or mustard gravy.

If Puti Maach is added to it, then it becomes much more wonderful and perfect.

Puti Macher Chorchori:

The tiny small fish with small pieces of potatoes mixed with some common spices to make a mixed curry which is a simple dish cherished with steamed rice.

Mainly in the Bengali cuisines do this dish which is considered good to change the taste and make the whole palate worming.

What is the Best Way to Cook Puti Fish?

Puti fish is best cooked with mustard and tomatoes, chilis and the thick paste of masalas.

After cleaning the tummy of the fish, it is marinated with turmeric and salt.

It is then fried in mustard oil then a thick gravy is prepared where these fishes are being added and then after 5 mins you can serve it with hot steam rice – Puti Macher jhal.

How Can You Tell It is a Puti Fish?

Puti fish are small, found in the inland waters of Asia, coming from the puntius family.

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The body is like the other small fishes but it tastes different from others.

Questions & Answers:

Is Puti Fish Tasty?

To be honest Puti Fish does not taste so good but bitter. When it is given into the masalas, prepare a nice gravy.

How to Make Puti Fish Taste Good?

If you can prepare Puti fish in mustard paste which can make it taste better. The spiciness of mustard paste makes it wonderful.

How Long Does Puti Fish Take to Cook?

If it is just a Puti fish fry then it will be done in 5 to 10 mins. But if it is a gravy then it will need 30 mins to cover up the whole preparation.

How Do You Know When Puti Fish is Cooked?

This is very easy as the flesh gets separated from the bones of the Puti Fish. You can understand it while cooking.

What is Puti Fish Called in English?

Puti Fish is known as Pool barb in English.

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