Rohu Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Rohu is one of the most common fishes in Bengalis’ kitchens. Rui mach – they call it in Bengali. It is a freshwater fish. Ruhi fish prepared in mustard gravy tastes truly delicious.

The fish is also cooked in other parts of India. Spicy rohu fish curry is usually a favorite with both Bengalis and non-Bengalis who prefer non-veg meals.

Cooking Rohu Fish

Uses of Rohu Fish in Bengali & Indian Cuisines

One of the reasons why rohu fish is popular in Bengal is its great taste. Rui kalia is a traditional Bengali dish.

Loaded with spices, this dish is flavorful and almost a must-include in wedding menus.

Bengalis love experimenting with their dishes. Sometimes, they stick to the traditional recipes whereas other times, they don’t mind giving a twist to the age-old dishes.

Rui bhapa is another fascinating dish coming right out of the Bongs’ kitchen. Rohu fishes are coated with a fine paste of poppy seeds and mustard seeds.

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Coconut is also used to enhance taste and generous use of mustard oil completes the dish with a pungent flavor.

Bengalese love using posto bata (poppy seeds paste) to cook fish curries. It is another signature specialty of Bengali fish cuisines.

Fried rohu fish with steaming rice is also an age-old weakness for Bengalis.

In other parts of India, people usually love rohu curry that soaks in all the flavors of spice.

The ingredients and procedure of making rohu fish curry vary from one state to another and even one region to another in Bengal.

Rohu fishes can be cooked with onion and garlic and even without them. Taste differs and so does the cooking style as well.

What is the Best Way to Cook Rohu Fish?

If you are making curry, marinate the fish pieces with salt, turmeric powder, chili powder and coriander powder.

Make sure to rub some mustard oil on the fish; otherwise, it may tend to stick to the pan.

You should not deep fry rohu fish for making curry. Light brown is perfect for the recipe.

Fried rohu fish tastes really good. But to savor the taste, you must serve it hot. In that case, don’t settle for anything less than crispy texture.

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Fried rohu fish goes best with steaming rice and lentil.

For the steamed delicacy, you have to use raw fish pieces. Make a fine blend of poppy seeds and mustard seeds paste to coat the fish pieces with.

Use plenty of mustard oil and add some coconut and a few green chilies. It’s better to use a small or large tiffin box to cook the dish.

How to Master the Art of Cooking Rohu Fish?

Practice, practice and practice – that’s the mantra to master the art of cooking rohu fish. The more you cook, the more you learn.

Passion is the best ingredient to become the Master of the Game.

How to Make Rohu Fish Taste Good?

Marinate the fish and give it a rest for a while (15-20 minutes). It’s the key to good taste.

If you are using tomatoes, chop them finely and add some salt when sautéing them in the pan.

If you are using curd in fish gravy, beat curd well before adding; otherwise, lumps will form.

Do You Need to Marinate Rohu Fish Before Cooking?

If you marinate the fish, the taste will definitely get better. Use some salt and turmeric powder to rub all over the fish pieces.

You can also use red chili powder and coriander powder to marinate the fish for an enhanced flavor.

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Don’t forget to use some mustard oil while marinating the fish to prevent it from sticking to the pan.

How Long Does Rohu Fish Take to Cook?

If you are preparing rohu fish curry or steamed rohu fish, it won’t take more than 20 minutes.

However, if it comes to crispy rohu fish, you don’t have to spend more than 5 minutes to get the desired texture.

Which Part of Rohu Fish is Best?

The meatiest part is always between the head and the tail.

However, rohu fish head is also used to prepare some lentil dishes (macher matha diye dal) and also to make muri ghanta.

Both are signature dishes from Bengal.

Questions & Answers:

How Do You Know When Rohu Fish is Cooked?

Take a fork, hold it at an angle and poke it into the fleshiest parts of rohu fish. Twist it gently. If the flesh comes out without much effort, the fish is done.

How Can You Tell It is a Rohu Fish?

The upper body of rohu fish is covered with dark scales. The fish has a golden brown belly and bright red fins. It has a smooth but not oily texture.

Is Rohu Fish Tasty?

Yes, rohu fish is very tasty.

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