Bele Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

If you can see the rivers with sand, stones and gravels, Bele fish or Scribbled Goby will definitely be present there. Bele fish [Glossogobius giuris] is a fish that is available where small streams are filled with sand and gravel.

It mainly gobbles up the crustaceans, small fishes and filamentous algae. It is a freshwater fish and it cannot live in muddy water.

You can see this in the streams, beels mainly found in the rainy season. It is Bia of Philippines, Weligouva, Sri Lanka and Bele of Bengal.

Bele Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Bele Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Cooking Bele fish is a struggle, it becomes brittle when properly cooked within minutes so getting a success while cooking this fish is worth patience.

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People can actually go for the “Bele Macher Jhal” but at the end the fish becomes scrambled to form a “Bele Macher Jhuri” which is a scrambled fish recipe.

Bele Maacher Jhal:

Scribbled goby or Bele fish is something that is available in the rainy season. It is actually prepared with onion, tomatoes with a thick gravy of turmeric, red chili paste to make it a spicy gravy. You can enjoy it without hot steamed rice.

Bele Fish with Amaranth Leaves:

This is an auspicious dish where the sleek Bele fish plays with laal saak. This is typically a wonderful recipe where the Bele fish is marinated with a pinch of turmeric and salt.

A coarse paste of poppy seeds is made. After frying the fish, chopped onion and garlic is added.

Then add the amaranth leaves to it, let it cook for sometime then when it becomes mushy add the fish then add the spices and add the fish with a little bit of water to cook. You can have it with hot rice.

Bele Maacher Kalia:

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This Bele fish preparation is actually a gravy which is a mixture of spices, onion and ginger garlic paste.

This fish preparation is made a little bit spicy so that you can enjoy the dish with steamed rice.

The marinated and fried fish is just passed into the gravy made up with the mixture of spices, onion and ginger garlic paste with cumin, coriander, red chili powder etc. You can add potatoes if you want.

What is the Best Way to Cook Bele Fish?

If you ask me then I would say after strong research that Bele fish spicy gravy or Bele Macher Jhal is the best recipe you can have for this fish.

When a fried fish is actually dipped into the gravy of a mixture of spices, onion and ginger garlic paste with cumin, coriander, red chili powder.

After it is done, garnish with coriander and serve it with steamed rice.

How Can You Tell It is a Bele Fish?

Fresh Bele is available in the streams and rivers. The body is long, slippery, full of scales.

It has a middle bone. It actually looks like small snakes.

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Is Bele Fish Tasty?

It actually is a bit sweet. Bele fish when prepared properly it tastes wonderful and the spices mixed with it actually offers a typically amazing taste.

How to Make Bele Fish Taste Good?

You can get Bele fish fresh from the market which actually tastes good.

Otherwise, it is better to make a spicy gravy of it. It will definitely taste good.

Questions & Answers:

How Long Does Bele Fish Take to Cook?

You can cook Bele fish within 30 to 40 mins.

How Do You Know When Bele Fish is Cooked?

You can check out the skin and flesh getting separated. You can also prick the Bele fish and understand it.

How Does Bele Fish Taste?

Bele fish taste mushy and sweet. It tastes scrumptious and when it is cooked properly it actually tastes nice.

What is Bele Fish Called in English?

Bele fish is known as Scribbled goby.

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