Cooking Snakehead Murrel Fish: Things to Know

Snakehead Murrel Fish, which is most commonly called Murrel Fish, is known as Shol Mach in Bengal. The fish is a native to South and Southeast Asia.

This fish is quite popular in both West Bengal and Bangladesh. The fish also finds widespread use in other Asian cuisines, such as Chinese, Indonesian, and Filipino.

However, the dishes and preparation styles vary from one country to another and even one region to another.

It is one of the costly fishes largely available in coastal regions but popular because of not having sharp and slender fish bones that usually get stuck in throats, particularly in children’s.

Cooking Snakehead Murrel Fish

Uses of Snakehead Murrel Fish in Bengali & Indian Cuisines

Snakehead murrel fish is used to prepare some wonderful dishes in both East Bengal (Bangladesh) and West Bengal.

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Apart from West Bengal, it’s also a part of the culinary culture in some other states. The fish is used to prepare tapioca, a wonderful signature delicacy of Kerala.

In Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu, snakehead murrel fish is used to cook some amazing non-veg dishes.

The fact that Southern India is helmed by sea on its three sides makes it possible for the inhabitants there to enjoy a good supply of seafood during the season.

Assamese cook a spicy and flavorsome curry with snakehead murrel fish.

As Bengalis have an ‘open secret’ love affair with fish, it is not surprising that they will welcome a variety of the species into their kitchens.

As characteristics of their culinary culture, they love experimenting with different dishes with a variety of both veg and non-veg items.

In Bengal, aam-shol is a traditional dish prepared with snakehead murrel fish and smashed raw mango.

The dish tastes tangy. The same dish is also prepared in Southern India with a spicy twist of mustard addition.

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The Bengalese also prepare shol mach kosha, a thick gravy loaded with spices.

Is Snakehead Murrel Fish Tasty?

Yes, it is a tasty and fleshy fish. It really tastes good when cooked with lots of spices (though these are very common spices and easily available in our kitchens).

Snakehead murrel fish cooked with raw mango has a tangy flavor.

Whatever way the fish is prepared, it tastes really amazing on our jaded palate.

How to Make Snakehead Murrel Fish Taste Good?

A little bit of arm-twisting, which is famously known as kashano in Bengal, is important to make snakehead murrel fish taste good.

You should also marinate the fish and keep it aside for 15-20 minutes before cooking.

You don’t need to use a lot of ingredients to marinate the fish; just salt and turmeric powder will serve your purpose.

These few simple tips will bring out the best of the fish and make the dish heavenly tasty.

Questions & Answers:

How Long Does Snakehead Murrel Fish Take to Cook?

Cook snakehead murrel fish on high flame for 2-3 minutes so that it boils well. It will not take more than 15-20 minutes to cook most of the Indian dishes made with snakehead murrel fish.

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Which Part of Snakehead Murrel Fish is Best?

Snakehead murrel fish is a meaty fish. It has a lot of flesh even in its head and tail, apart from its middle part.

How Do You Know When Snakehead Murrel Fish is Cooked?

Follow the same simple tip that you use while preparing other types of fishes. If a fork, used angularly, can easily twist a slice of flesh off the fish, it is done to perfection.

Does Murrel Fish Have Bones?

Snakehead murrel fish has no sharp bones. It is both easy and safe for children as there is no chance of bones getting stuck in their throats.

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