Using Almond in Bengali & Indian Foods: Things to Know

Prunus dulcis or Almonds are three types and it is mild flavor, dark brown and oblong. These are grown in trees and it has a fuzzy hull, gray-green and cream-colored shells.

In fact, the shell drops in the ground and the hull splits for Almonds. There are some “bitter almonds” which are highly poisonous.

The edible Almonds are “sweet almonds” which are considered as the edible version of almonds. The Mediterranean climate is considered as the best climate for their growth.

It needs to be moist winters, mild and dry summers, hot too. These are high in fat and vitamin E.

Using Almond in Bengali & Indian Foods

Uses of Almond in Bengali & Indian Cuisines

There is a versatile use of Almonds in the Indian and Bengali cuisines. Though there are not so many recipes that are available but still it comes handy for preparing some of the unique recipes that will definitely give you the best one.

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Almond Sandesh:

This is a very easy recipe which you can simply boil the milk with some cardamoms and then add some lemon juice in it so that you can get cottage cheese from it.

Then take it and strain it perfectly. You can simply mix it with sugar and blend it well. Make round and then flatten it and add ¼ the Almond over the top of it as a garnish.

Bengali Chicken Rezala:

This is a Mughlai dish which is made up with Almond seed paste and other spices. It is a nawabi khana which is made with ghee and nut.

You can check out that fresh chicken is required. You cook the chicken in ghee with chopped onions, garlic and ginger paste.

Badam ka Halwa:

This is a wonderful recipe where Almond paste is cooked very nicely with ghee and loads of sugar. Milk is also added in a proportional way.

Sweets, Kheer, Ladoos and more:

There are so many types of sweets that are being garnished with Almond slices. You can simply garnish it with other nuts but Almonds are considered as the best one.

A Bangladeshi – Tajah Badam:

Here the Almond flakes are fried with a pinch of turmeric and green chilies. Garnished with coriander leaves and lime juice. This is a great snack.

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Healthy Granola:

Here cornflakes and other nutrients are mixed with Almond slices. This is a good and heavy diet which is giving you the best fiber.

Almond Butter and Milk:

You can also check out the Milk and Butter preparations that are being made from Almonds.

What Can Be Made from Almonds?

You can have Almond Butter and Milk, Healthy Granola, Bangladeshi – Tajah Badam, Sweets, Kheer, Ladoos, Badam ka Halwa, Bengali Chicken Rezala and Almond Sandesh can be made from Almonds.

What is Good to Dip Almond in?

You can use a roasted red pepper dip for Almonds. It is made with garlic powder, nutritional yeast, tahini, roasted red peppers, olive oil, lemon juice and 1/2 cup of water.

All the things go in a grinder and the dip is ready.

Questions & Answers:

What is the Taste of Almond?

Almonds taste sweet and nutty. It is a bit hard but if you soak it overnight then it becomes a little soft.

How Do You Eat Almonds?

You can eat the Almond naturally or use it as a garnishing agent. You can also use it as a paste and almond butter and milk.

What Can You Do with Fresh Almonds?

With fresh Almonds you can make Almond Butter and Milk, Healthy Granola, Bangladeshi - Tajah Badam, Sweets, Kheer, Ladoos, Badam ka Halwa, Bengali Chicken Rezala and Almond Sandesh.

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How Do You Soften Almonds?

You can soak the Almonds overnight to make it soft.

Can You Eat Raw Almonds?

Yes, you can eat raw almonds like a snack.

How Do You Cook Almonds in A Pan?

You can sauté the Almonds in a pan by slicing the almonds.

Why Do We Soak Almonds Overnight?

We soak almond overnight so that it gets softened and it also adds up to the nutritive value.

Should You Eat Almonds Without Skin?

Yes, we can eat almonds without skin. You can consume it with skin but those who are having weak digestion process they must not consume it with skin.

Can You Drink Almond-Soaked Water?

Yes, you can remove the water where almonds are soaked and you can eat it other than waste it as it also has some health benefits.

Do You Soak Almonds in Hot or Cold Water?

You can soak the Almonds in regular water at normal room temperature.

How to Crisp up Almonds?

You can sauté the Almonds in a pan by slicing the almonds or you can microwave it.

Do Almonds Need to Be Cooked?

No, we can eat raw almonds.

What is Almond Called in Different Languages?

Almond is known as Kath Badam in Bengali and Hindi it is normally called Badam.

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