Using Butter in Bengali & Indian Cooking Explained

Butter or Makhan or Maakhon is simply a pure and solid form of milk which is full of fat. Indians have its roots from the days of Mahabharata where Lord Krishna is very fond of this “Nani” which is actually butter.

This butter is very English and Indian too as both of these countries are good in their dairy products. We in India use butter in toast, garnishing and even in making some special dishes.

Butter in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Butter in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Butter is used in Indian and Bengali cuisine used in various purposes like making butter toast or butter biscuits and even making cakes and cookies.

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Other than that there are some of the special recipes like butter chicken, paneer butter masala etc. So, we can see some of the easy recipes that can be made with butter like:

Butter Toast

This is a very English recipe where you grill the toast or the bread. You can simply toast it normally and slide the pure butter over it. You can add a little sugar, pepper or jam with it.

Butter Chicken

The chicken is marinated with curd, turmeric, tikka masala, salt, red chili powder and kept in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours. Then you can simply roast it or grill it to cook the chicken.

Then with butter and cream you need to cook the whole dish. When it is almost ready then you add roasted kasuri methi.

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Paneer Butter Masala

The gravy is made with cashew paste and tomato puree along with onion and ginger garlic paste. Then you can add the paneer cubes which you can add directly or you can stir fry it slightly separately.

Add the panner along with butter and cream.  When it is almost ready then you add roasted kasuri methi.

What Can We Do from Butter?

We can make good cakes, cookies and even good butter toast.

There are two great dishes: Butter chicken and Paneer butter masala are made with butter.

Is Butter Chicken Real Indian Food?

Actually, butter chicken is an Indian dish but on the other hand Chicken tikka masala is a British dish.

In 1948 Kundan Lal Gujral founded this Murgh Makhani or butter chicken.

Questions & Answers:

How Does Butter Taste?

Butter tastes creamy with a little bit of salt when salt is added. It adds flavors.

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What Butter is Used in India?

Clarified butter or ghee is used in India and also normal butter.

Why Do Indians Cook with Butter?

Indians cook with butter to make the dish much creamier and richer in taste.

Is Makhan and Butter Same?

Yes, Makhan and Butter are the same.

Does Frozen Butter Taste Different?

Yes, the frozen butter tastes a little hard but otherwise it will be the same when it starts to melt.

Can We Eat Butter Without Cooking?

Yes, we can eat butter without cooking.

What is Butter Called in Different Languages?

Butter is known as Makhan in Hindi and Makhon in Bengali.

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