Arhar Dal in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Arhar Dal or Pigeon Pea found in tropical and semi tropical climates. It is available in South Asia, South East Asia, Africa & Latin America. This is widely known as Arhar dal or Toor Daal or Toovar Dal in India.

All over India it is being eaten and cherished widely with Roti, Dosa and sometimes even with steamed rice. This is one of the basic pulses that are available in the market.

This is one dal which is actually good as a home cooked dal or food. You can do the best with cooked food and better additions of these things.

Arhar Dal in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Arhar Dal (Pigeon Pea) in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Arhar dal which is used all over India and more or less all the cuisines in India are having this dal for their food. You can check out several recipes that are actually made with Arhar or Toor Dal.

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Plain Arhar Dal:

For this recipe you need to soak the arhar dal and then boil the dal with salt, water and a green chilli. Then when the dal is boiled then in a wok add ghee and then add hing, mustard seeds and cumin.

Then add the chopped tomatoes and grated ginger. You need to sauté it and then add turmeric, coriander and red chili powder. Add the boiled dal and cook it for a while and then garnish it with coriander leaves.

Dal Fry:

Dal fry is a unique concept where onion, tomatoes, spices and herbs are cooked perfectly. This is a comfort food and it is super tasty.

This is a side dish which is actually made with split pigeon peas with the use of onion, ground spices, tomatoes and herbs. You can do the tempering with one or two teaspoons of ghee and some of the aromatic ingredients.

Palak & Toor Daal:

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This is a very easy recipe where palak is being cooked with toor daal is cooked long and finally dried chili and hing is being used for tempering.

Dal Dhokli:

Here the toor dal is being cooked cut and then mixed with amchur, tamarind, lemon juice and jaggery.

Panchratna Dal or Teen Ratan Dal:

This is simply the mixed daal concept with three or five different types of lentils cooked and with aromatic spices it is being tempered.

Dal Moghlai or Masala Wali Toor Dal:

These are two toor daal recipes which are filled with different masalas and are being taken into consideration.


This is a South Indian dish where toor dal is being cooked with curry leaves tempering along with various vegetables.

Here sambar masala is a big factor. You need to add sambar masala to make it perfect. Add a little tamarind pulp to make it perfect.

What Can Be Made from Arhar Daal?

There are loads of recipes which can be made from Arhar dal like Sambar, dal fry, plain toor dal, palak dal, dal Mughlai etc.

These recipes are all made with toor or Arhar dal and these are very delicious and lovely forms of daal recipes.

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Questions & Answers:

Does Arhar Daal Need to Be Soaked?

Yes, if you want the daal to be cooked fast and perfectly then make sure you soak the Arhar or Toor dal for more than 30 mins.

Why Does Arhar Daal Taste Bitter?

Sometimes due to over tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves and more the dal tends to taste bitter.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between Chana Dal and Arhar Daal?

Arhar daal is a bit flat shaped, on the other hand the Chana dal is much more half round shaped dal.

What is Arhar Dal Called in Different Languages?

Arhar dal is known as Pigeon Peas in English, Toor Dal in Hindi and Aarahar Dal in Bengali.

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