Mustard Greens in Bengali & Indian Cooking Explained

Shorshe Shak is mustard greens and it is considered as a winter treat. The pungent smell and the strong mustard aroma are simply making every dish wonderful and perfect.

This is very fresh and vibrant to make any recipe delightful. This is actually the leaves from which flowers grow and eventually produce strong aromatic Shorshe or Mustard.

It is available all over the world and in India almost every state tastes the seed, oil but the greens are mainly enjoyed in Punjab and Bengal.

Mustard Greens in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Shorshe Shak (Mustard Greens) in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Bengalis do enjoy shorshe Shak but apart from this the Punjabi people love this shorshe Shak as a “sarso da saag”. Other than this, there are few more recipes which are made with Shorshe Shak.

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Sarso Da Saag:

This is a world famous “Punjabi Dish”. This dish is being served with flat bread and it is quite rich in taste. You can have with the makki da roti. It is mixed with green chilis, spices, ginger and garlic.

In fact, it is quite liked by Pakistanis too. It is cooked like a thick gravy which is typically liked by the north Indian and Central Asian food style.

You can add loads of butter or ghee into the recipe to it. if you want then you can thicken it with chickpea flour or corn flour into it.

Aloo Shorshe Saag:

This is a plain and simple recipe where potato and mustard greens are being mixed to form a perfect simple dry curry with good mustard greens.

You can check out the best greens from the market. The stir fries the greens and the potatoes which are definitely giving you a wonderful idea.

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Maach-er Jhol Shorshe Shak Diye:

A wonderful yet simple recipe where along with a simply fish curry the mustard greens are being used. Here you use Nigella seeds with turmeric and little bit of salt. In the runny curry you add the shorshe Shak.

Shorshe Shak Bhaja:

The shorshe Shak is being stir fried with tempering of dried red chilis. Cooking done with time and it is done till the moisture of the green completely evaporates. You can add turmeric and little bit of salt.

What is the Best Way to Cook Shorshe Shak?

If you are a Bengali then you will definitely go for “Shorshe Shak Bhaja”. This is done by chopping the shorshe Shak or the mustard green leaves.

Then adding some salt and turmeric in to it and stir fry it very well. This is actually making it wonderful and perfect. You can add small dumplings of lentils.

Other way is making “sarso da saag”. Here the mustard green in being cooked with ginger and garlic paste.

Then it is given the salt, turmeric, chili powder and coriander power and lastly for enriching the taste karusi methi is being used.

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Questions & Answers:

How Long Does Shorshe Shak Take to Cook?

Shorshe Shak is being cooked for minimum 30 mins or less than that.

How Does Shorshe Shak Taste?

There is a strong aroma of mustard is available in Shorshe Shak.

How Do You Eat Shorshe Shak?

We eat the Shorshe Shak by stir frying it or making it a fine gravy.

Can You Eat the Stems of Shorshe Shak?

Yes, you can eat the stems of the shorshe Shak.

Can You Eat Shorshe Shak Raw?

No, Indians often do not eat the Shorshe Shak raw.

What is Shorshe Shak Called in Different Languages?

Shorshe Shak is known as Mustard Green in English and Sarso Da Saag in Hindi and Punjabi.

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