Knol Khol in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Knol Knol is from the cabbage family and it is considered as a versatile root which is outstanding with its taste and benefits.

This is having a sputnik-like shape nearly spherical, it is being swollen having stout cultivar, scientifically known from Brassica oleracea Gongylodes Group.

It has a sweet and mild taste with a crunchy and crispy texture of its own. It suits the Indian cuisine very well as it naturally grows and goes very well with the spices.

It is also considered as one of the most preferred vegetables in many Indian households. This is a very popular vegetable in Kashmir.

These are large light green colored shoots which generally come out during the winter season. You can select the cabbage as a vegetable.

Knol Khol in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Knol Khol in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Knol is a vegetable which has its orientation from the East Mediterranean region like Spain, England, Germany and Austria.

You can see a sputnik-like shape cabbage which is a spherical and nearly swollen vegetable is considered as a stout cultivar of the Brassica oleracea Gongylodes Group.

This is a good source of healthy nutrition. There are a variety of recipes which are found in the Indian cuisines that are considered as good one.

This is one of the easy winter vegetables that you can avail. There are so many recipes out there as this vegetable is being cherished by almost all over India.

Knol Knol Gravy

Knol Knol gravy is a unique combination of vegetables and some usual masalas with dahi. This is one of the unique vegetarian dishes that is actually giving you the benefit to make it perfect with time.

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All you need here is to understand that this recipe can be easily served with roti, paratha and even rice. Tomatoes are being cut and sliced and then amalgamated to form wonderful recipes.

Knol Khol Poriyal

Here knol knol is peeled and then cut into pieces. Then in the pan oil is added and mustard and cumin seeds are being added to it.

The 1 teaspoon Urad Dal is being added to it, when the dal is fried into red hot and then tomatoes, onions and other spices are being added to form the mishmash. Eventually knol knol is being added.

Knol Knol Saag Curry

This is a very delicious curry which is actually made with knol knol saag with some usual spices.

Along with onion and tomatoes to make it a wonderful mish mash. Here cumin seeds, sliced onion and Garam Masala and cooked perfectly.

Knol Knol Rice

This is a spicy rice where rice is cooked perfectly with lemon, ghee moong dal, chopped knol knol and turmeric powder. For making the masala you need to have desiccated coconut, almond, green chili and jeera.

Then at last when the rice is cooked and tempering is being added with hing, curry leaves, roasted cashew, chana dal and split urad dal.

Kohlrabi Curry

This is a delicious curry which is made with tomato and other masalas like turmeric, red chili powder, cumin and coriander. This will be forming a wonderful mishmash with a little bit of gravy.

Knol Khol Kootu

This is a South Indian recipe which is made with rice and Knol Knol as it is like a mild gravy which is small onion, cumin, coconut and moong dal. You can choose young and tender vegetables with a simple boiling method.

Knol Khol Kurma

This is a chopped knol knol which is actually being prepared with kurma masala powder, green chillies, coriander powder, salt, garlic, ginger, coconut, almonds and khus khus – all these are made into paste and then it is cooked with knol knol to form a wonderful gravy.

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Knol Khol Sambar

The sambar recipe is actually not new and this one is made with knol knol. Here toor dal is being boiled with turmeric and water.

There are vegetables which are being added like tomatoes and knol knol. Boil all these together and then use tempering like curry leaves, mustard seeds, urad dal, sambar powder, coriander powder, red chilli powder.

Then add tamarind in the dal to make it sour and garnish with coriander leaves.

Knol Khol Khalan

This is a wonderful recipe which is being made with knol knol where you grind green chillies, cumin seeds and freshly grated coconut.

All these are used to make the gravy and after that a little bit of tempering is done with curry leaves, a pinch of hing, red chillies, methi seeds and add mustard seeds.

You can add the coconut mixture into the freshly cut Knol Knol boiled with just a little bit of salt.

Knolkhol with Chana Dal

Cook the soak dal and the chopped knol knol finely with curry leaves, a pinch of hing, red chillies, methi seeds and add mustard seeds. You can add freshly grated coconut if you want to make it much more flavourful and perfect.

Knolkhol Adai

5 to 6 chilis are finely chopped with 50 grams for 30 seconds cumin is sautéed. In 1 tsp oil knol knol are being fried and 200 gms of horse gram are being roasted. All these are being cooked together to make it perfect and wonderful.

Ganth Gobi Kashmiri Style

It is true that the Kashmiris are non veg maxim time but to be honest this is a vegetarian dish with Ganth Gobi that is cut and the greens are separated then boiled with low water with green chilis and salt. This is a light dish and also tastes woody and perfect.

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Knol Khol Leaves and Red Masoor Dal Sabzi

The greens of the Knol Knol are being chopped and cooked perfectly with masoor dal. It is stir fried with chopped onion, chilis and cumin powder.

How Does Knol Khol Taste?

Knol Knol tastes sweet and peppery at the same time.

The stem is great to taste and wonderful as when cooked properly it is nice and succulent.

What Can We Eat with Knol Khol?

You can eat it with potatoes, shrimps and other vegetables. You can cook mixed vegetables, Ol Kopi with shrimps, Ol Kopi with fish, Ol Kopir Tok, ilish macher matha with ol kopi, Choddo Shak, Ol Kopi r bharta, etc.

How Do You Eat Ripe Knol Khol?

We simply peel the skin of the Knol Knol and then cut in pieces as per the recipe and then soak it in the water and cook it perfectly as per the requirement.

Questions & Answers:

Which Part of Knol Khol Do We Eat?

We eat the step of the knol knol plant.

Is Knol Khol Leaves Edible?

Yes, absolutely Knol Khol leaves are edible. You need to chop it and then steam it and then you can easily fry it.

How Do You Boil Knol Khol?

We must wash the knol knol and then peel it and cut it into pieces. Then you must boil it.

What is Knol Khol Called in Different Languages?

Knol Knol is known as Kholari in Hindi, Ol Kopi in Bengali. In many households it is also known as Navil Kosu, Navalkol, Ganth Gobi, Noolkol etc.

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