Beetroot in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Beet root is a tap root and it is part of a plant which is actually eaten as a superfood. There are recent studies that beetroot can accelerate athletic performances which are considered as a major breakthrough in terms of medicine.

It comes from the family of the sugar beets and it is also used for the extraction of the sugar which is red or gold.

Many of our cuisines use the beetroot to roast, steam and boil. It can be cooked in various ways. In fact these can be eaten raw.

Beetroot in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Beetroot in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Beet root is one such vegetable that is actually having some of the unique contributions in our Indian culinary items.

There are many recipes which are actually good for our health and taste which can be easily made by it.

It can bring the most mundane aspect into lives. It is truly offering the best concepts in food which can make even the mundane lifestyle work nice.

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This is true that when you buy beet root then you must see the most dark and hard part of the root which is actually having so many things to grow.

You can store beetroot like potatoes. In both Bengali and all over the cuisines are being facilitated with the beetroot soups, gravy, cutlets and other curries.

You can even go for beetroot juice mixed with pineapples and apples and lemon.

Then you can add it into salads, roasted beets are nice and it becomes a flavor full pairing. You can make nice and perfect vegetable curries.

What Dishes Can Be Made from Beetroot?

There are many nice recipes which can be made from beet root. Some of the recipes like juices, salads and kebabs are famous internationally, rest are great for Indian and Bengali cuisines.

  1. BeetRoot Kebab: Beetroot smashed with some of the general spices like pepper, chilies and other spices are blended together to formulate a wonderful recipe which is then shaped like balls all shallow fry it.
  2.  Roasted Beet with cucumber salad: The beets are roasted and then mixed with cucumber to formulate a wonderful salad.
  3. Beetroot sandwich: The amalgamation of beetroot and mushroom to form the perfect beetroot sandwich.
  4. Beetroot Pachadi: A lovely beetroot preparation with aromatic spices and coconut to offer a wonderful South Indian recipe.
  5. Milkshake by Beetroot: A wonderful milkshake with beetroot is being prepared. It is severely cold. You can sprinkle some cinnamon powder.
  6. Beetroot shots: A wonderful and plain beetroot juice is being prepared from beet and you can also add some lime juice.
  7. Beetroot and Coconut Soup: This is a combinational soup with beetroot and coconut punch.
  8.  Rawas stuffed with beetroot: The rawas fish stuffed with Jalapenos, olives and root root.
  9. BeetRoot Kurma: Beetroot with coconut and mild spices formulates wonderful crunches.
  10.  Arbi falafal with beetroot: Beetroot cutlets and tacos to form beetroot falafal.
  11. Beetroot raita: Beetroot with curd made with juice and garnished with Pudina pata to make a perfect raita.
  12. Gajor Beet er Dalna: A curry made with carrots and beetroot punched with general turmeric, chili powder, cumin and coriander to make thick curry known as Gajor Beet er Dalna.
  13. Beet Bata: You can simply check out this highly demanded of beet bata which is best smashed with chilies and salt for taste.
  14. Vegetable chop: This is made from smashed beet stuffed with potatoes and green chilies and a little bit of salt, pepper and other aromatic spices, rolled in bread crumbs and then deep fried.
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Can Beetroot Be Eaten Raw?

Yes definitely it is eaten raw and you can try it with different salads.

What Is Beetroot Called in Different Languages?

Beet root is known as Beet in almost every language, Hindi, Bengali and English.

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