Snake Gourd in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Snake gourd is an important vegetable which is very important in Indian cuisine. It is considered as one of the most water content soft and cool vegetables that is actually good for the whole body.

You can fry, make curries and even boil it and have it. You can make simple dishes but due its health benefit it is being widely cooked and tastes very nice.

Snake Gourd in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Snake Gourd in Bengali & Indian Cooking

There are so many types of gourds in our diet. You can see ivy gourd, snake gourd, bottle gourd, round gourd, bitter gourd etc. you must select a good snake gourd which is not ripe.

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If it is ripe then you have to peel, clean the seeds and then cook it.

Potlakaya or Snake Gourd Stir Fry or Chichinga Bhaja:

This is simply made by cutting the gourd into small pieces like half moon after peeling off the skin. Tempering the oil with mustard seeds.

Then fry it perfectly and make it mushy and let the excess water evaporate up.

Chana Dal Gourd Bhaji:

The gourd is being cut and then stir-fried with Chana dal with a little bit of salt and turmeric. If you wish then you can use onions and if not then it will be only these two ingredients.

Snake Gourd Rings:

The gourd is being cut and then stir-fried in oil. This is a very simple recipe with salt with a little bit of turmeric.

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Snake Gourd Stuffed Fitter:

Meat/ potato/ fish/ Chicken / pork, anything can be stuffing. You can select and stuff it and fry the snake gourd into oil.

Onam Vibhavangal-Avial:

This is a dish which is celebrated in the Onam sandhya. It is a combination of vegetables with coconut.

Kerala Avial:

This is a mixed vegetable curry which is made from all available vegetables in the market.

Chichinge Posto:

Here the chichinge is made with the poppy seed paste and a little bit of turmeric and salt.

Mixed Summer Vegetable Paal (Milk) Kootu:

Different vegetables with milk and more. This is a South Indian dish very good for summer.

How Do You Eat Snake Gourd?

You need to peel and cut the Snake Gourd and if it is ripe then you have to scoop or discard the seeds.

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How to Make Snake Gourd Taste Good?

You can simply fry the snake gourd and use less spices. It will taste good with simple vegetables.

Questions & Answers:

How Long Does a Snake Gourd Take to Cook?

You can see that a snake gourd needs 15 mins to cook.

How Does Snake Gourd Taste?

Snake Gourd tastes sweet and juicy.

What is Snake Gourd Called in Different Languages?

Snake gourd is known as padwal in Hindi, chichinge in Bengali, chichinda in Marathi, potlakaya in Telugu and Pudalangai in Tamil.

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