Using Dahi in Bengali & Indian Cooking Explained

Curd is one of the staple foods especially in the hot summer months. There are many of us who would love to enjoy curd with additions and flavors.

Curd or Dahi or Doi or Yoghurt or Dahi comes in various flavors like sweet, semi-sweet and sour. The sweet version of Dahi is known as “Misti Doi” which is considered as an Indian delicacy.

In fact, there are many sweet corners who are experimenting on Dahi by adding flavors like blueberry, rose and even chocolate.

Apart from this there are many Dahi recipes out there which are highly delicious and outstanding to cook and eat. So, let’s start with it.

Dahi in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Dahi in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Curd is actually a fermented portion of milk which is used in various recipes to bring the restaurant a creamy taste.

There are so many Indian dishes Kadi, Raita, Aloor Dum which are actually enhanced by using the Indian Yoghurt.

In fact it is being used in the meat to tenderize it and make it softer and easier to cook. Bengali uses dahi before any sort of good work as a mark of good spirits as “doi er phonta”.

The process of making curd is super easy with fresh milk. So let us first check how to make curd or tok doi.

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Tok Doi

First you boil the fresh milk and reduce the moisture in it. After boiling when it is creamy then bring it down. Let it cool down.

Then take a small portion of tok doi (you can get this from a sweet meat shop) and add it to the milk. Then stir it properly and put the milk in a container. Keep the container in a warm place for at least 10 to 12 hrs.

Misti Doi

Misti Doi is almost similar. The only thing is the sweet flavor is added to it to form misti dahi. In fact, when you are preparing dahi or other flavors then the process will be the same just the flavors are added.

As we move on you can check out different recipes which are mainly used in our Indian kitchen.

Doi Chire

This is a typical recipe which is flattened rice mixed with sweet dahi to form a beautiful combination which is loved by all Bengalis specially to beat the scorching heat of the sun.


There are different types of raita like fruit, pineapple, boondi, tomato onion raita. These are made with tok doi with some chat masala, sugar and the kind of fruit you want to mix.

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

Onion fitters are cooked and prepared and then a dahi gravy is being prepared. The creamy and sour sauce is prepared where onion fitters are dipped. It goes well with roti, steam rice and even parathas.

Dum Aloo

Boiled potato is cooked with curd along with some aromatic spices. It can be cooked with onion or without onion. Depending on the choice the preparation is being made.

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Curd Rice

This is a popular South Indian recipe which is prepared with mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chilis as tempering. Then curd is added to it and then it is mixed with the cooked rice. You can garnish with pomegranate seeds.

Curd Rasam

This is a good example of spiciness and sourness. The curd is being tempered with dry red chili, mustard seeds and curry leaves. Along with-it curd is added which makes it a wonderful recipe enjoyed with idli or rice.

Dahi Bhindi

The lady’s finger is sautéed and then added to the creamy and sour curd with some aromatic spices. This is a wonderful dish to make it completely savoury. You can serve with roti or naan.

Doi Chicken

The chicken/mutton is prepared with dahi. First of all, it is marinated with dahi to tenderize it and on the same note you are adding dahi along with masalas to prepare a soft preparation.

Kadai Paneer

This is one of the best recipes which is made with paneer and curd mixed with some aromatic spices of your kitchen. It presents a wonderful yet a perfect creamy dish.

Dahi Ki Sabzi

This is a Punjabi sabji which is made with simple dahi and turmeric, red chili, coriander powder with green chili and chopped onions. All these are cooked together and then garam masala is added.

The natural flavours with a little bit of spice and sour are there in this dish. You can simply have it with roti or paratha.

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These drinks are made with curd, as per choice the flavours and fruits are added to it. Along with this sugar, chat masala and salt are added to it.


Different types of Chaats like Papri Chaat, Aloo Chaat, Samosa chaat all are made with the dahi.


Green chutney and other dips are made with dahi by just mixing some salt, sugar and other pudina.

Questions & Answers:

How Does Dahi Taste?

Depending on the flavors the taste differs like Tok Doi tastes like sour, Misti Doi is sweet and other flavors like blueberry, mango, etc taste as per the fruit.

What Can Be Made from Dahi?

You can make desserts, cakes, buttermilk, handvo, dhoklas, idli, curries, tandoori dips, sandwiches, chaats, rice, kadhi, raita and sweets can be made from dahi.

How Can You Use Dahi?

You can cook curd and make different types of curries, make chaats, tenderize the meat, dips, deserts, sandwich spread and more.

What Do You Eat Dahi with?

You can eat dahi with parathas, roti, rice and even with fruits.

What is Dahi Called in Different Languages?

Curd is known as Dahi in Hindi and Doi in Bengali.

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