Chital Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Fishes are an integral part of Bengali cuisines. In fact, the fish curries are considered as the best one you can have.

There are some of the ever-loving Chital fish (Indian knifefish) curries which are really considered as one of the best dish you can say for all the fish lovers.

You can have a few recipes which go hand in hand with Chital fish: Chital Muitha, Chital kalia and Chital Macher Jhol.

Chital Fish Cooking

Uses of Chital Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Chital Macher Muitha:

This is a Bangladeshi specialty and it is typically something which is not so easy to cook. You need to cook very nicely with great precision.

The ingredients which are needed to make this recipe are easily available. Every one who prepares this recipe puts their own variations.

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This recipe is actually a fish curry but it has something unique and wonderful all the way round.

First you have to de-skin the fish and scoop out the fish from the fillets. You must add some potatoes into the fish flesh to make the muitha while cooking.

You must add all the masalas of ginger, garlic and onion paste to get the best of the flavors.  Then give it to boil but do not over boil it.

Then take out these elongated balls, let them cool and after that cut them into round pieces. Then separately make a gravy which includes tomato, onion and ginger garlic paste.

Then simply slide the muitas into the gravy. Finally garnish it with fresh coriander and garam masala. This writing may seem simple but the cooking is not seeming so easy.

Chitol Petir Kaliya:

This is another invincible dish which is actually made from the tummy section of Chital Fish. This belly is really scrumptious and it is easily separable.

Like the fish kofta or muitha, Chital rosha, Chital Jhol and Chital korma are some of the best recipes you can have.

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You can use mustard and posto paste or you can make it with tomato and chili paste. The spicy onion and tomato gravy can be a great option.

What is the Best Way to Cook Chital Fish?

Chital Macher Muitha and Basanti Polau is something that is relished by all the Bengalis out there.

First of all, I would like to say that good quality Chital peti is required for the entire dish.

You can scoop out the meat from the chital peti and then bind it with spices and potato, giving it a shape like an egg devil.

Boil those very carefully and then cut them into slices. Then after a while when it is cool then fry it carefully.

Make a thick gravy of onion, garlic, tomato and chili paste. Dip these slices into the gravy and bring it to boil.

Garnish it with fresh coriander leaves or garam masala.

How Can You Tell It is a Chital Fish?

Chital fish is large, the caudal fin is joint with the anal fin.

The whole body has 7 to 8 spots. The fish is not so bony but it is definitely fleshy.

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How to Make Chital Fish Taste Good?

To make chital fish good, you need to cook it with patience and spices.

The more you will give the spices to blend with the fish, the more it tastes good.

Questions & Answers:

How Long Does Chital Fish Take to Cook?

Chital fish takes loads of time to cook. Minimum 20 to 35 minutes needed to cook the fish properly.

How Do You Know When Chital Fish is Cooked?

You can understand by checking the color of the Chital fish turns white from red. You can prick the fish with a fork and then understand whether it is done or not.

How Does Chital Fish Taste?

Chital Fish tastes a little bit sweet and juicy.

What is Chital Fish Called in English?

Chital fish is known as Indian featherback or Indian knifefish.

Is Chital Fish Tasty?

Yes, Chital fish when cooked properly is definitely tasty.

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