Radish in Bengali & Indian Cooking: Things to Know

Radish is an edible vegetable which is found all over the world. This is mostly a winter vegetable and it is cherished raw and even cooked.

Throughout the world it is being relished and at the same time you can get the best recipes out of it.

The taste is different and it has a pungent, bitter taste and raw taste thus it is sometimes added to salads. There are so many types of recipes that are available out of it.

Radish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Radish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

With radish or “Mulo” in Bengali and “Muli” in Hindi is actually embracing many types of sabjis which are very easy to cook.

These are light curries, fries and even some gravy. Some are using radish instead of onion in case of salad. The bitter taste of it is actually giving you the best flavours.

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Mooli Aloo Ki Sabzi:

This is a wonderful dish of radish and potato with a mustard base. This is dry curry where fermented mustard seeds paste is being used. You can serve it with rice and daal.

Mulo Diye Motor Dal (Bengali Yellow Split Pea with Radish):

This is a winter recipe where a small chunk of radish is boiled with Motor Dal and tempered with jeera and dried red chili. This thick lentil soup.

Dry Curry With Radish/Delicious Bengali Dish – Mulo Ghanto:

This is an authentic mulo recipe which is known as Mulo Ghonto. The Mulo is being grated finely and then with a little mustard tempering and turmeric the whole preparation is ready.

Shol Fish (Snakehead Murrel) With Radish Curry in Bengali Style:

The thick gravy of shol fish is being prepared with radish and potato. You can use the general kitchen spices and prepare the whole recipe.

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Delicious Radish Fry Recipe / Bengali Dish – Mulo Bhaja:

When radish is being finely sliced and then fried with a little bit of turmeric and salt.

Lentil with Radish / Muli Ki Dal / Bengali Mulor Dal:

Here the radish and lentil are being boiled with little turmeric and salt. Finally tempered with mustard seeds dried red chili.

Mulo Bata:

This is a radish paste which is a when as radish paste taken as a chutney. It is done with radish and green chilis with salt grinded.

Mulo Pur Bhaja:

This is a very interesting recipe which is actually made with the radish stuffed inside the radish. The radish is grinded with mustard seeds.

The stuffing is ready then put between two mulo slices and dipped into besan and then fried.

Mulo Shaak or Radish Greens:

The mulo shaak or the Mulo greens are being cut nicely and then fried well. Making the green dry and mushy.

What is the Best Way to Eat Radish?

The best way to eat radish is to prepare a dry curry. You can grate and radish and with just a sprinkle of turmeric and salt.

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Then fry it and get all the moisture out of it. You can also eat the radish raw like salad.

Questions & Answers:

Are Radishes Better Cooked or Raw?

Radish can be cooked very nicely and eaten as a salad too. But honestly it tastes good when cooked.

What Do Cooked Radishes Taste Like?

The cooked radish tastes sweet and chewy. It is nice and mushy when cooked.

How Long Does Radish Take to Cook?

Radish takes 15 to 20 mins top cook.

What is Radish Called in Different Languages?

Radish is an English word and it is known as Mulo in Bengali and Muli in Hindi.

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