Bhindi Bhaja Recipe | Bhindi Fry | Okra Stir Fry

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Have you ever tried the delightful flavors of Bhindi Bhaja? It’s a popular Indian side dish loved by many.

This simple recipe involves stir-frying okra with spices to create a delicious dish that pairs perfectly with rice, roti, or even hot parathas.

Let’s dive into the recipe details.

Bhindi Bhaja

Key Takeaways:

  • Bhindi Bhaja: Fry okra with spices for 15 mins. Serve with roti or rice.
  • Pro Tips: Dry Bhindi, cut evenly, moderate heat, mindful spices.
  • Taste: Crispy, mildly spiced, balanced, aromatic with mustard oil.
  • Serve With: Roti, rice, or hot parathas for a delightful meal.
  • Alternatives: Aloo, Karela, Baingan, Potol, Shim Bhaja.

The Ingredients

Bhindi Bhaja ingredents

How to Cook Bhindi Bhaja (Step by Step Images)?

1. To prepare bhindi bhaja, start by cleaning and cutting the bhindi or okra or lady’s fingers into small cubes. Then, heat a wok and add 2 tbsp of mustard oil to it, and heat it.

Heating a wok and adding mustard oil

2. Next, add less than ½ tbsp of cumin seeds and sauté them until they emit a pleasant aroma. Add all the lady’s fingers and stir-fry everything.

Adding cumin seeds, lady's fingers and stir-frying

3. Add ½ tbsp of salt and ½ tbsp of turmeric powder to it. Stir-fry everything well over medium heat until the sliminess reduces.

Adding salt, turmeric powder and stir frying

4. Once the sliminess has reduced, increase the flame. Stir-fry frequently to prevent burning. Add 4 green chilis (slitted) and stir-fry them nicely.

(Expert tip: Do not add the chilis too early; otherwise, they will melt and get fully mixed with the fries.)

Adding green chilis and stir-frying

5. Bhindi Bhaja is now ready. It took 15 minutes to complete the frying.

Bhindi Bhaja is ready

6. Transfer Bhindi Bhaja to a bowl..

Bhindi Bhaja Featured Image

Pro Tips for Making Bhindi Bhaja

Prep Matters: Ensure the Bhindi is completely dry before cutting it. Moisture can make the dish slimy. Pat it dry using a paper towel or cloth to absorb excess moisture.

Size Matters: Cut the Bhindi into uniform-sized pieces. This helps in even cooking, preventing some pieces from becoming mushy while others remain undercooked.

Sautéing Technique: Heat the mustard oil properly until it’s hot but not smoking. This helps in reducing the natural sliminess of the Bhindi. Ensure the oil covers the pan evenly before adding the Bhindi cubes.

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Avoid Crowding the Pan: Stir-frying in batches might be necessary if your pan is small. Overcrowding the pan can lead to steaming rather than frying, resulting in a soggy texture.

Mindful Spice Timing: Adding spices like turmeric and salt after the Bhindi starts to release its natural moisture helps in reducing the sliminess. Be cautious not to add salt too early, as it can draw out more moisture from the Bhindi.

Controlled Heat: Moderate heat is key. Cooking on medium heat allows the Bhindi to cook evenly without burning. Once the sliminess reduces, increase the flame slightly to enhance the flavors.

Chili Timing: Add the slitted green chilis towards the end of the cooking process to retain their texture and prevent them from disintegrating. This ensures the dish gets the chili flavor without overpowering heat.

What to Serve with Bhindi Bhaja?

Serving Bhindi Bhaja with roti

Steamed Rice: The simplicity of Bhindi Bhaja goes remarkably well with steamed rice. The flavors complement each other, and the rice acts as a neutral base to enjoy the dish.

Roti or Chapati: Enjoy Bhindi Bhaja with Indian bread like roti or chapati. The combination offers a fulfilling experience, allowing you to scoop up the flavorsome Bhindi with the soft bread.

Paratha: Hot, flaky parathas serve as an excellent companion to Bhindi Bhaja. The contrast in textures and flavors makes this pairing a delicious choice for a meal.

Dal (Lentil Curry): Pairing Bhindi Bhaja with a simple dal or lentil curry creates a balanced and wholesome meal. The lentils add protein and richness to the plate.

How Does Bhindi Bhaja Taste?

Crunchy and Savory: The stir-fried Bhindi (okra or lady’s finger) takes on a crispy texture on the outside while retaining a tender bite inside. The initial crunchiness gives way to a soft, cooked center, offering a pleasant contrast in every bite.

Mildly Spiced: Infused with the earthy aroma of cumin seeds and the gentle warmth of turmeric powder, Bhindi Bhaja boasts mild spiciness that enhances the natural flavors of the okra without overwhelming them.

Balanced Seasoning: The addition of salt not only brings out the inherent taste of the Bhindi but also balances the spices, creating a harmonious blend that is neither too salty nor bland.

Subtle Heat: The slitted green chilis contribute a subtle heat that adds a layer of complexity to the dish without overpowering the overall taste. They provide a hint of spiciness that complements the other flavors.

Aromatic Mustard Oil: The use of mustard oil infuses a unique aroma and distinct flavor into the Bhindi Bhaja, elevating its taste profile and imparting a characteristic essence to the dish.

In essence, Bhindi Bhaja delights your palate with its crispy, savory, and mildly spiced profile. It’s a dish that captures the essence of simple yet delicious Indian cooking, making it a beloved side dish that perfectly complements various meals.

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Bhindi Bhaja Alternatives

Aloo Bhaja (Fried Potatoes): Thinly sliced or cubed potatoes seasoned with turmeric, salt, and chili powder, then shallow fried until crispy. It’s a crispy and flavorful dish that pairs excellently with rice or roti.

Karela Bhaja (Fried Bitter Gourd): Bitter gourd slices marinated in salt and turmeric, then shallow fried until crispy. Despite the bitterness, when cooked right, it offers a unique taste that’s both savory and slightly bitter.

Baingan Bhaja (Fried Eggplant): Sliced eggplant seasoned with salt, turmeric, and sometimes chili powder, shallow fried until golden brown. It has a tender texture and pairs wonderfully with rice or as a side with dal.

Potol Bhaja (Fried Pointed Gourd): Sliced pointed gourd seasoned with salt, turmeric, and sometimes a pinch of garam masala, then fried until crispy. It’s a simple yet flavorsome side dish.

Shim Bhaja (Fried Flat Beans): Flat beans cut into small pieces, seasoned with salt, turmeric, and sometimes with a hint of mustard paste, then fried until crispy. It’s a nutritious and tasty alternative.

Recipe Card

Bhindi Bhaja Featured Image

Bhindi Bhaja | Bhindi Fry | Okra Stir Fry

By Mita Mondal
Bhindi Bhaja refers to a popular Indian side dish made by stir-frying sliced okra (also known as lady's finger) with spices such as cumin seeds, turmeric powder, green chilies, and salt.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Dinner, Lunch, Main Course
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4
Calories 109 kcal


  • 500 grams Okra (cut & cleaned)
  • ½ tbsp Cumin seed
  • ½ tbsp Turmeric powder
  • 4 pieces Green chili
  • 2 tbsp Mustard oil
  • Salt to taste


  • Wash and dice the okra into small pieces. Heat a wok and add 2 tbsp of mustard oil.
  • Add less than ½ tbsp of cumin seeds and sauté until they release a pleasant smell. Put in the diced okra and stir-fry.
  • Sprinkle ½ tbsp each of salt and turmeric powder. Stir-fry over medium heat until the stickiness decreases.
  • Increase the heat, stir frequently to avoid burning. Add 4 slitted green chilis and stir-fry gently.
  • Bhindi Bhaja is ready after about 15 minutes of frying.
  • Transfer it to a bowl.


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Preparation is Key: Ensure the okra is completely dry before cutting to prevent excessive stickiness while cooking. Pat it dry using a paper towel or cloth after washing.
Uniform Cutting: Cut the okra into uniform-sized pieces to ensure even cooking. This helps maintain consistent texture and prevents some pieces from becoming mushy while others stay undercooked.
Mindful Sautéing: Heat the wok and oil properly before adding the cumin seeds. Sauté the seeds until they emit a pleasant aroma, ensuring they don't burn, as it can impart a bitter taste.
Balanced Seasoning: Sprinkle salt and turmeric powder evenly over the okra while stir-frying. Adjust seasoning to taste preferences but be cautious not to overdo it as the flavors should complement, not overpower.
Sliminess Reduction: Stir-fry the okra over medium heat until the sliminess reduces. This step is crucial for achieving the desired texture and removing excess moisture from the okra.
Careful Chili Addition: Add the slitted green chilis towards the later stage of cooking to maintain their shape and prevent them from disintegrating. This ensures the dish gets the chili flavor without becoming overly spicy.
Avoid Overcrowding: Cook the okra in batches if needed, ensuring the pan isn't overcrowded. Overcrowding can lead to steaming instead of frying, resulting in a soggy texture.
Serve Fresh: Bhindi Bhaja tastes best when served immediately after frying. It tends to lose its crispiness if kept for too long.
These recipe notes aim to guide you through the process of making Bhindi Bhaja, ensuring optimal taste and texture while avoiding common pitfalls in the cooking process.

Nutrition Info (Estimation Only)

Nutrition Facts
Bhindi Bhaja | Bhindi Fry | Okra Stir Fry
Amount per Serving
Calories from Fat 63
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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Bhindi bhaja is a common side dish enjoyed by almost everyone in India.

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When lady’s fingers are stir-fried with a touch of salt, turmeric powder, and slitted green chilis, it tastes wonderful.

This dish pairs well with rice, roti, and even hot parathas.

It can be enjoyed at any time and adds a delightful flavor to meals, making them truly enjoyable.

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