Rupchanda Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking Explained

Rupchanda fish, also called Rupchand fish in Bengali, is a very popular fish across India. This fish is loved for its soft, buttery flesh and great flavour.

It has only a single central bone, a feature that makes the fish easy to eat even for the children.

In English, Rupchanda fish is called Chinese Pomfret. This fish lives in freshwater. It is abundant in Indian seawater.

This is why Rupchanda comes cheap in pocket. In Asia, India and China are two biggest consumers of this fish. Like pomfret, Rupchanda fish has a flat body with a forked tail.

Besides great flavour and flesh, this fish is high in nutrition benefits. It is a rich source of Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids, with the latter being helpful in controlling blood cholesterol.

The fish also supplies a good amount of protein that helps in growth of lean muscles, bones, cartilages, provides benefits in weight loss and keeps skin glowing.

Rupchanda Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Uses of Rupchanda Fish in Bengali & Indian Cooking

Rupchanda is a very popular fish in Bengal. People of both West Bengal and Bangladesh are fond of this delicious fish.

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Though most Bengalis love rich, spicy curries of this fish, fried Rupchanda served with onion rings and lemon slices are a teasing delicacy both for snacks and during lunch time.

For Rupchanda curry, marinated fish chunks are first fried and then simmered in spicy gravy prepared with onion, ginger-garlic paste and tomatoes.

A handful of common spices whip up the magic, with potato cubes sometimes added to the dish. You can finish it with a few chopped coriander leaves for a rustic flavour.

A bowl of plain steamed rice and nothing else is needed to leave you licking your fingers.

Steamed Rupchanda is another Bong-special delicacy. It is prepared with mustard-poppy paste. A copious amount of mustard oil is added to the fish chunks, with turmeric powder being the only spice used for the preparation.

You can use whole green chillies or slit them longitudinally. It is then steamed in a steamer or pressure cooker and served with plain hot rice.

Rupchanda in curry form is a teaser for many fish-loving Indians. This fish is called vawall in some parts of South India and paplet in Mumbai.

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Region wise, there are some variations in ingredients and cooking style but non-veg foodies across the country are unapologetic about their love for rich, spicy gravy of Rupchanda.

What is the Best Way to Cook Rupchanda Fish?

For people like me, both Rupchanda fries and curry work fine. I love taking bites off crispy Rupchanda with fish sauce drizzled over it and crunchy onion rings.

A cup of hot tea just completes my snack spread. Not finding enough words to describe the snack feast!

Of a few Rupchanda dishes Indians are familiar with, curry is most popular. The traditional Bengali style of fish curry preparation is just awesome.

Sweet, soft Rupchanda fish chunks cooked in and coated with flavoursome gravy just do a riot of flavours on my seasoned taste buds.

Being a Bong, I also love to dig deep into the soft flesh of steamed Rupchanda, prepared in a very authentic signature Bengali style.

How to Make Rupchanda Fish Taste Good?

Marinate the fish chunks properly. Drizzle a few drops of mustard oil and mix it well with the fish chunks.

Keep them aside for 10-15 minutes so that the flavours of spice mix can easily get into the fish.

After that, fry them or steam them according to your taste. Think about nothing else but mustard oil.

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The pungent flavour and taste that it lends to any fish dish finds no match.

How Long Does Rupchanda Fish Take to Cook?

It takes not more than half an hour to cook Rupchanda curry.

Steamed recipe takes 15-20 minutes. Fried Rupchanda is ready within 5 minutes.

How Do You Know When Rupchanda Fish is Cooked?

Once the fish is done, it changes its texture from being transparent to becoming opaque.

On top of that, the flesh of this soft fish gets softer.

Questions & Answers:

How Does Rupchanda Fish Taste?

Rupchanda fish tastes a little sweet and a lot like Mrigal fish.

What is Rupchanda Fish Called in English?

Chinese Pomfret is the English name of Rupchanda fish.

How Can You Tell It is a Rupchanda Fish?

Rupchanda fish looks a lot like pomfret fish – flat white body and a forked tail. In fact, this fish belongs to the ‘Pomfret’ family.

Is Rupchanda Fish Tasty?

The word ‘Tasty’ would be an understatement. Rupchanda is super tasty. Its flesh becomes softer when cooked.

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